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A Father's Nightmare



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Annabeth Gish Photo
Annabeth Gish as Maddie Stewart
Jessica Lowndes Photo
Jessica Lowndes as Vanessa Redlynn / Amanda
Stacy Haiduk Photo
Stacy Haiduk as Zofia Redlynn
Tom Stevens Photo
Tom Stevens as Jim
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ikeough-539311 / 10


What is this movie? What's happening? Why is this 25 year old woman allowed in the room with an 18-year-old, even if there was some outside influence? How did the blonde girl (sorry I was so distracted by how bad this movie was that I forgot her name) not realize that she was being manipulated? It all moved so fast, within DAYS Vanessa was like "hey go kill yo self lol" and she just didn't se anything wrong with that? And how did the dad not recognize his own daughter? If Vanessa is his daughter, I can't tell because I'm too confused? Also, why did that ONE SINGULAR doctor let Vanessa out of the psychiatric ward when she OBVIOUSLY was not well? I'm pretty sure one psychiatrist can't decide if a patient is released, it's a pretty big decision, but apparently not in Lifetime. And who is who's mom or dad? Is the schizo old woman with the terribly misspelled name Vanessa's dad's baby momma or not? Tell me the facts, don't go parading in the streets saying "sOwWy BaBy My BwAiN wAs SiCk I cOuLdN't Be YoUr MoMmY OwO" As I stated earlier, I'm not sure if the blonde's dad is Vanessa's dad or not. If he WERE to have an affair with good old Zoloft here, wouldn't that be incest because she's his grandma or aunt or something? Honestly, I'm just so confused I can't even understand the family tree. If you could even call it a family "tree" . More like a family neurotic tumbleweed on fire.

The gymnastics coach was so confusing? The blonde girl was her favorite until she developed CLINICAL DEPRESSION so she didn't... like her anymore? And instead of trying to help her through her MOTHER'S (honestly I'm not even sure about that. She could've been made in a test tube I'm too bewildered to know) death? She just threatened to kick her off the team?

Also I don't get the dad? Why did he send his fragile-as-glass daughter off to COLLEGE, a place full of unsupervised adults with full self-autonomy that have the perpetual maturity of teenagers, and expect nothing bad to come of it? He was SO SURPRISED when she started doing drugs. Dude, I know the rock you're living under is comfortable, but you'll have to come out sometime.

Besides how downright CONFUSING this movie is, it was too sad. I did not come here to watch this depressed motherless teenager be manipulated by a 40 year old woman with a face full of Botox and listen to said 40 year old woman sing guitar ballads terribly. I want a REAL Lifetime movie. I want infertile psycho killer women taking down adult man at the gigantic size of 5 feet and 90 pounds. Not a suicide prevention PSA made in 2008.

Reviewed by LaverneandShirleysucks3 / 10

No one has this much influence

Vanessa'a influence over Lisa was incredibly unrealistic. It was hard to swallow that this stranger whom she just met would be able to so quickly alienate her from her friends and family. Lisa's character wasn't an idiot so you're waiting for to catch on to what Vanessa's doing and tell her where to go, but she never does.

And Vanessa was being pretty amateur and obvious in her plot to drive a wedge between Lisa and her friends at school, but neither of those girls wised up to it either when they should have.

The ending you saw coming a mile soon as Lisa's Dad says "You're familiar" upon meeting Vanessa early in the film, one doesn't need a safe to fall on their head to know she's his long lost daughter.

It was still watchable so i'm being generous and giving it a 3. And surprisingly, no one is killed in the whole film which isn't the norm for these Lifetime movies.

Reviewed by phd_travel9 / 10

With friends like these ...

This is a great follow up to "A Mother's Nightmare" one of the better LMN thrillers. The psycho is back and her victim is a vulnerable female gymnast in college. Her tactics are quite scary to watch as she alienates her victim from friends and family and undermines her self confidence. Things escalate in a way that is scarily realistic. Jessica Lowndes is beautiful and a good actress who can do both romance and thrillers. Plus hear her sing! There is a nice explanation for the psycho's background unlike some other LMN movies. Quite a good warning for kids - there are so called friends who don't have your best interests at heart. Listen to warnings from family members who care about you.

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