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A Gift of Miracles



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Rita Moreno Photo
Rita Moreno as Beverly
Jesse Moss Photo
Jesse Moss as Nathan Riley
Rachel Boston Photo
Rachel Boston as Darcy Miller
Veena Sood Photo
Veena Sood as Dr. Reed
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jensenholmesPA9 / 10

A better than average Hallmark romance

I have a weakness for Hallmark romances, but usually they average in the 6-7 range for me. I was pleasantly surprised by how strong "A Gift of Miracles" is. The screenplay has some interesting depth as the two leads--her, the logical skeptic--and him, the 'universe is speaking to you' guy. True, it's nothing that hasn't been done before, but it's well done here. I enjoyed the story of the mother's legacy. The romantic leads are cute, and while there wasn't much 'spark' or sexual tension in the story, it's sweet in an overly-family-friendly way (one kiss at the very end and in long shot!). If you like Hallmark, this is one to watch.

Reviewed by lydiajp7 / 10

A shift in perception what takes place in this movie

I really enjoyed this movie. The two main characters were true to the script. They represented themselves in one being spiritual and the other not spiritual. Darcy's mother died when she was only one-year-old in a car accident. Her father who is a lot like Darcy very left brain at least that's what they called it but I will say they are people like book smart and who does not believe in the un explained. That explains why she is the way she is. I don't want to give away to much so I will leave it. It's simply written and really helps get the point across that there are spiritual things in life that can happen for reasons. Of course a little extreme but that makes it fun for us who believe. I can truly relate to this movie because I've had wonderful gifts to teach me of spiritual truths in my life.

Reviewed by krocheav4 / 10

Almost Gave Up

Gave up within 10mins of watching this the first time round. Then out of curiosity gave it another shot. Yes, it looks like a TV movie, perhaps it even plays like a TV movie - but with several differences. A: it has a very professional look via some great cinematography (and shamefully appears to be uncredited!- this needs fixing IMDb) B: it's also well played within it's boundaries. C: The story has enough intriguing elements (science over spiritual destiny, coincidence, etc) - even though it may go a step over the mark with its final closer...but, that will depend on personal tastes, philosophies, and how relaxed you are at the time.

In the lead role (and associate producer) Rachel Boston works hard to deliver a believably warm performance and the script is quite good of it's type. As the father, Andrew Airlie is also convincing. Ex voice-over man Jess Moss tries hard (as the professor?). The music of prolific Genie award wining TV composer Lawrence Shragge, adds sensitive touches just where they're needed...complete with interesting orchestral arrangements. Also a surprise to see Rita Moreno (West Side Story) in a rare appearance.

Will be a little overly romanticized for some and too coy for others but if you're in the right mood for a warm and generally thoughtful story, or getting tired of being offended and sworn at by your TV, then you may not be all that disappointed. Certainly seen worse.

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