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A Thousand and One


Crime / Drama

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Teyana Taylor Photo
Teyana Taylor as Inez de la Paz
Mark Gessner Photo
Mark Gessner as Jerry
William Catlett Photo
William Catlett as Lucky
Josiah Cross Photo
Josiah Cross as Terry 17 Years Old
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fanboycantina8 / 10


Premiering at Sundance, A Thousand and One tells the story of a mother and son, navigating against hardship, the weight of New York City policies, gentrification, and a secret. There's a feeling of tension throughout the film, waiting for what may happen to Inez and Terry, though it also evokes the edge and breathlessness that comes with living with the weight of poverty and NYC racism. For its beats about NYC history, the film serves reminders of the barriers faced by Black families in Harlem in 1990's and into 2000's. If there is a criticism, there are moments when the script could have been tighter, perhaps a bit more time with Terry. Teyona Taylor is a star for carrying so much of the emotional weight across this film, but also William Catlett as Lucky plus Josiah Cross and Aaron Kingsley Adetola as Terry are stellar.

Reviewed by jmccrmck-651728 / 10

tragedy and triumph to end where you began

This movie demanded a rating and a review from me ; that is how good it is. You to to the movies hoping to see something this well made and feel lucky if you get that result.

I Came out of the theater feeling so glad that I saw it. The first thing you have to say is that this is storytelling at its absolute best.

In the beginning a few scenes seem bit strained but because of the acting and direction the movie just gets better and better and without spoiling anything , you think you know what's going on but you don't which makes for a surprising plot twist at the end.

I am not black but this movie feels genuine and authentic in the way ' Emily the Criminal ' did. This movie would not have been made without ' independent funding ' : no studio movie this and no big budget or gimmicks, just great acting, story telling , concept and direction. Certain to be picked up by a streaming platform cuz maybe the the content they finance and produce will never come close to the quality of 'A Thousand and One '

Reviewed by ccarriere-430448 / 10

what a good movie...what a performane

The movie thousand and One being a white single 60' white male from Canada ...this movie is as far removed from my life experience as it could. But the script, the directing & acting is so well done that I felt I understood their life, care about it. One phrase in the movie toward the end :"damage people do not know how to love" explain the story line so well. The ending was surprising. Explaining the psychic of the mother but also how emotional damage can be transmitted from generation to generation. The preview I saw gave me a totally different impression as to where the movie would be going. Made appreciated my white Canadian suburban life so much more.

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