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Accidental Truth: UFO Revelations



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MarkKnudson9 / 10

Insightful with good re-enactments

If you like documentaries about the UFO phenomenon, cover-ups, and insider secrets, then you'll like this film. Even if this is not your favorite genre, the new information on the subject presented with authentic UFO's caught on camera, re-enactments and close-ups of craft should keep you intrigued. The authors, scientists and other officials interviewed are some of the top authorities on the subject including Luis Elizondo, Michio Kaku (Discovery Channel),Jimmy Church, and Nick Pope (British government ministry of defense) The film delves deep into the current disclosure movement still being held back by government cover-ups and lies. Accidental Truth inspires the truth seeker.

Reviewed by moseph-4228610 / 10

Solid UFO Doc

Lots of evidence with released government documents showing the possibility of another intelligence around us. Quality doc that's worth the rental.

Not sure about the trolls in the reviews, it seems at though they didn't watch the movie, don't like the subject, or are just unhappy with life in general.

The information isn't new if you follow UFOs in the mainstream. However, it does a good job of weaving together several interviews that suggest whatever is flying in some of the most restricted airspace in the world isn't made by the US Govt. Or it's adversaries.

Nolan, Puthoff, Elizondo, Bigelow and Congressman Tim Burchett are all featured in the movie.

Reviewed by simonebcox-4816610 / 10

Well crafted and expertly executed

Regardless of whether you're a true believer, agnostic, or skeptical, this documentary provides an astounding amount of compelling testimony and evidence from a vast array of subject matter experts (including military, science, education) on the UFO/UAP phenomenon. Ron James has created an exhaustive and in-depth incisive look as to the what, when, and how the movement towards transparency from government agencies has evolved.

Perhaps the next obvious step is to discern the "why" this information has not been readily available. Apparently the mere mention of this topic causes extreme distress in those who rail against any further investigation.

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