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Ace Attorney


Comedy / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Takehiro Hira as Shin Mitsurugi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by info-astute8 / 10

Best game adaption I've ever seen

This movie by Miike Takashi is based on the game with the same name by Capcom for Nintendo consoles. These two preliminaries might scare some off, but I can truly say that this is movie is the best game adaption I've ever seen, and one of the most mainstream films by Takashi.

Takashi, sadly enough, known for its more violent films was attending the World Premiere screening at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and requested everyone to watch this movie with the heart of a child.

And yes, even though this movie is intended for adults, its well suitable for young teenager as well.

The fun mix of anime, game and cinema is working very well. Not just in visual style, but also in storytelling and humour. The story itself is well presented and the viewer receives clues and information so that it feels involved in the quest. For the quick thinkers amongst the viewers, this way of story telling might take a bit of the speed out of the movie, as all information gets presented step by step.

In the end, Ace Attorney is a fun and stylistic movie. Not just for Japanese cinema lovers, but for everyone who enjoys a bit of silliness and a good mystery.

Great story, awesome visuals and good acting. The main flaw is that it failed to keep up the pace for the whole duration of the movie, but still interesting enough to stay interested.

Great show, watch it with the whole family!

Reviewed by kosmasp9 / 10

Miike playing

I wouldn't call myself a fan of Miike. Actually with "Audition" I might have started with one of his most wicked movies, very disturbing and very different and I might not have been open to that. This on the other hand (must be the tenth movie of his I have watched to date, not a lot if you consider his output!) is very easily accessible.

And that rings true, even if you're not familiar with the source material this is based on. I myself didn't know the game and haven't played it yet. But the essence of the movie is a courtroom thriller with a few twists. And it has a very wicked sense of humor, which might not be to everyones taste. If you don't like the first 5 minutes, don't bother watching more. Otherwise it'll be a hoot (and those hair styles ... awesome!)

Reviewed by kansaikitsune10 / 10

This is what a video game adaptation should be like.

I had the privilege of seeing this film in Tokyo while it was still in theaters. Having played all of the Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban games, I was very familiar with the source material. That being said, it easily introduces all of the characters in a very succinct manner, and their personalities show through brilliantly on the big screen.

The summary: Ryuichi Naruhodo aka Phoenix Wright is a struggling defense attorney who works for the Ayasato law firm. After a shocking murder, he finds himself in the high court defending a client against murder... pitted against a prosecuting prodigy... who just happens to be a childhood friend. The twists and turns of the case lead Naruhodo into an investigation of a long-closed case which is very relevant to current events.

For fans of courtroom drama or mystery, it's a very suspenseful and very clever murder mystery, but if you've played the first game, you already know how it turns out. For once, a director chose to go with the original story rather than trying to go off in a strange direction or "re-imagine" the details that people know and love (yes, I'm looking in your direction, Michael Bay),though some elements have been absorbed into one story to make sure the entire story takes place. All of the cases from the game are referenced, though not all of them are fully played out on screen (time constraints). Additionally, there are no clever "wink wink" moments to future games in the series, thank goodness.

Purists will be happy to know that some of the musical numbers come straight from the game, particularly in the courtroom, and the "floating box" evidence presenting element from the game is preserved as a very cool holographic system.

If I may level one criticism, it's that just like the game, the "investigation" portions tend to drag, but the courtroom scenes will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, pointing dramatically and shouting, "IGI ARI!" -- OBJECTION!

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