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After the Storm


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled12%
IMDb Rating5.110614


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Mili Avital Photo
Mili Avital as Coquina
Jennifer Beals Photo
Jennifer Beals as Mrs. Gavotte
Stephen Lang Photo
Stephen Lang as Sargeant Major Jim
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-17 / 10

Decent Film For Fans Of Paranoia

For a film few people probably have heard about, this was pretty good. It is a suspense tale of greed as Benjamin Bratt, Armand Assante and their respective girlfriend and wife go after jewels and gold from a sunken ship near the Bahamas.

Paranoia helps make this a guessing game on who and why things are happening, with a bunch of twists and turns popping up late in the story. It's a tame movie, language-wise, and features some nice photography.

It's not worth buying but you could do a whole lot worse renting something else.

Reviewed by 2thomjef10 / 10

excellent adaptation of Hemingway

while visiting Key West several years ago We also toured Ernest Hemingway home where he lived back in the early 30's with his second wife Pauline. Under the "carriage house" where he did so many of his famous books such as "a farewell to arms" there is his book//gift shop. I brought his book "after the storm" and the guide told us that the story behind the story is what brought Hemingway to Key West in the first place. Seems local legend had it that a Spanish schooner when down during a storm and Hemingway's friend Don Pasos explored it and actually saw thru a porthole bodies floating around and yes, a beautiful woman as well wearing jewelry etc ... , which gave Hemingway the idea to write this novel. As far as the movie goes it does follow the central story but with a few twists thrown in for good measure. The locations of the movie are beautiful but it was not taken in Bahamans as it depicted but Belize. I just wished the movie was longer as there were some side issues that could had been developed a little more ... like how did Malcolm know Stephen Lang for instance or the "real" role of Jill Jacobson ( the governor's wife ) to Arno and Jean-Pierre ? ... Benjamin Bratt was really good wasn't he as Arno? .. he has truly matured since his days as "Lenny's" prop in the TV series "Law & Order" and has become a good actor and I cannot think of anyone but him playing the role of Arno .... good movie ... based upon a very good book ... and filmed in a very pretty setting ... what more could one asked when watching a movie ?

Reviewed by gazineo-14 / 10

Poor Hemingway adaptation!

Tiresome and poor adaptation of a Hemingway novel puts a sea adventurer (Bratt) in a search for money and gold stored in a wrecked luxurious yacht. He teams up with another sea scavenger (Assante),a sweet and aparently näive young woman (Avital)and the "femme fatale" Janine (Girard). The movie is slow until the end and even the twist at the ending does not save the peasant treatment gives by the director. Bratt made a good work.

I give this a 4 (four).

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