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An Investigation on the Night That Won't Forget

2012 [TAGALOG]

Action / Documentary

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by projectmolcos8 / 10

Worthwhile...but ONLY if you know the story.

AN INVESTIGATION ON THE NIGHT THAT WON'T FORGET is an offbeat but (mostly) gripping documentary from critically acclaimed Filipino filmmaker Lav Diaz, featuring local creative multi-hyphenate Erwin Romulo simply talking on-camera about their mutual friend Alexis Tioseco.

Sounds like a right fun watch, doesn't it?

But let me tell you that it really is (albeit with caveats),if that's the right phrase to use. In 2009, I had read in one of our film magazines a modest obituary to Señor Tioseco, who was fast becoming an important figure in his country's cinematic life in many ways, principally as a film journalist (he personally despised the term 'film critic),championing filmmakers like Maestro Diaz along the way. Tragically, however, both Señor Tioseco and his partner in love, Slovenian Nika Bohinc (also a film journalist and more) were murdered by burglars who invaded their home in Quezon City.

Doing a great job of selling it to you, aren't I?

But this is where Señor Romulo comes royally into his own. A nervy presence onscreen, at times clearly discomfited at the recollections he makes, as he lays bare the incompetence of the authorities in trying to catch the killers (such as - unbelievably - having to lend the police his car),dealing with 'territorial' officials more concerned about protecting their patch than working together, plus the runaround and the indifference shown to Señor Romulo and the Tioseco family's efforts in trying to bring the killers to justice. To name some of the troubles they faced...

All that was staggering enough to leave a nasty taste in the mouth. But Señor Romulo then goes into some detail about his friendship with Alexis Tioseco, how he came to know him, the joy of working together as they did, how supportive he'd been to Señor Romulo in personally difficult times, and his growing role in Filipino film industry and culture.

And, if you know the story, you'll know his death was quite the loss. Señor Tioseco not only championed local filmmakers, but promoted his country's cinema every chance he got, home and abroad. He was passionate about creating a national film archive for his country and striving to save the best of Filipino cinema for future generations to come, to name some of those things again. Knowledgeable cineastes will readily see him as one of them, whilst being not a little impressed at how he and Miss Bohinc tried to be the change they wanted to see in their world...

But that's where the film's 'problems' start to kick in. To really get the full import of what's being said on camera, you have to know the whole story and, fortunately for me, I was sufficiently interested back in 2009 to look into Señor Tioseco's story further and that was beyond massively helpful for me. Sad to say it, but most people wouldn't bother, to put it mildly. Some might even say so what? Just another sad story of life in a country thousands of miles away, why should I care? Fair enough, but make no mistake, this is an unabashedly parochial film that cuts no slack, and Señor Romulo doesn't quite help out. Part two (sans Romulo) is pointless almost to the point of offence. WTF was it doing here?

But, if you already know the story, then it's a compelling experience (well, the first 55 minutes at least) that will educate one further, fill in some blanks, and is ultimately a tribute to the memory of Alexis Tioseco, a fascinating individual who had the world at his feet but whose life was tragically cut short. The rest of us won't be interested for the reasons I described. Them's the breaks...

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