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Action / Drama

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Taraji P. Henson Photo
Taraji P. Henson as Ramona
Ving Rhames Photo
Ving Rhames as Animal
Chazz Palminteri Photo
Chazz Palminteri as Kassada
Terrence Howard Photo
Terrence Howard as Darius Allen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbborroughs8 / 10

Good story of a man trying to overcome his past boosted by excellent acting

This is the story of a man nick named Animal. Baddest of the bad, Animal was the head of a crew in ghetto neighborhood he lived in. One day he's arrested and sent to jail leaving behind a wife and child. While in jail for years he continues his violent ways, at the same time his son takes after his old man and becomes known as "Little Animal". With the help of a fellow prisoner Animal changes his way and is eventually paroled. Back at home he now must struggle with carving a out a new life while trying to figure out out how to save his son from ending up like him, or worse.

I stumbled upon this film by accident and I'm glad I did. Animal is a brutal, heartfelt look at life in the "hood", how nothing ever changes, and what it takes to change things. Its a well told story that has some of the best performances of the year in any film. Every one in this movie is excellent from Ving Rhames on down. The acting alone is reason enough to see this film, however there is a very real story being told. It will move you and break your heart.

Forgive me I finished the film not long ago and I still feel the effects of this wonderful movie.Its left me with a loss of words. I think all I can really say is see this film and be moved too.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho5 / 10

Haunted by the Past

When the violent gangster James "Animal" Allen (Ving Rahmes) is arrested and sent to prison, his teenage son Darius (Terrence Howard) is left with his mother, but she is assassinated and the boy is raised alone on the streets, becoming a criminal. While in the corrupt prison, Animal works for the powerful prisoner Kassada (Chazz Palminteri),but when he meets the revolutionary Berwell (Jim Brown),his view of life changes. Animal is released on probation and tries to have a straight life, but his past and his fame haunt him, while he sees that Darius is following his path in a criminal life.

"Animal" is a good movie, but the story has no surprises, showing the difficulties of a middle-age man that spent half of his life in jail to regenerate. His environment and his friends doom him to a low life. The cast is great and Ving Rhames has an amazing performance in a role tailored for him. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Animal"

Reviewed by wildenfree8 / 10

Very Good Movie....though with some important factual errors!

Being my first time to watch Rhames in a lead role, I was impressed. Howard and Palminteri were brilliant and Studi, as always, was great!..though not the type of role he usually plays either. Great to see Jim brown after so long and I really liked his portrayal of Berwell. I'd like to see more of him in the future because despite his years, he still has a lot to offer. Listen up Hollywood! On the negative side (for fussy duds like me),we have the factual errors all-too-common in movies which mislead people on points of historical importance. I refer to the Willie Lynch Speech on slavery, which figures prominently in this movie. Berwell tells Animal that the term "lynching" is also attributed to the same author. Not true! This practice is more generally believed to be the invention of Captain William Lynch of Virginia, author of "Lynch's Law". As for Willie's speech, evidence now suggests it was written in the mid-to-late 20th century. Curious, no? Anyway, despite the foregoing, the movie has a good message and the overall acting is way better than good! Definitely a movie worth watching!

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