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Antonio das Mortes


Action / Crime / Drama / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright76%
IMDb Rating7.0102088

cinema novo

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anithomas_d9 / 10

a magician's creation

this is one of the most beautiful films that i have come across. The beautifully changing styles of narration to get to a complete absurd or a rather dream like experience at the end of the film makes it one of the most beautiful essay on form. a must watch for anyone who is interested in understanding how a narrative style can change in the process of a film.

glauber rocha is like a magician who brings out the pigeon from nowhere and turns into a rabbit and makes it into a formation of a cloud. it is pure poetry.

The characters for Rocha are pure ideas, the movements and kinesics , takes them out of the fences of realism to the level of an oral narrative or a mythical one for that matter. As the movie progresses it turns, it can be best said, to take up the form of a folk dance.

it is a normal phenomena to notice the drop outs in the first quarter of the film,before the turn over starts. the wrong perception created by the experiences of the various films that had ruled our viewings.

at the end i will like to say it is a sure treat for anyone interested in the grammar and language of cinema.

Reviewed by walkerr8 / 10

By turns jaw-dropping and a teensy bit dull

Went into this one not really knowing what to expect. I'm no student of Brazilian history, and am sure this meant many allusions and much else that was interesting about the film passed me by. There were stretches where I felt my eyelids drooping (this was after a couple of beers, admittedly). However, some of the imagery is breathtaking, and the final ten minutes are just astonishing. I would watch it again for the end alone. Music too is great, particularly the final snatch of song/narration. Audience (half Brazilian, half staid English types like myself) was fairly bopping in the aisles...

Reviewed by elo-equipamentos8 / 10

Glauber Rocha a forgotten genius!!

Glaubler Rocha were one greatest brazilian director for all times, your movies had often political criticism against the system, from this point he was really banished by military regime which censured all his movies, so he decided went to France, this picture show it clearly when he displayed in some characters your political vision, starting with a dare idea to use one the most important catholic saint in Brazil "Saint George" Glauber used a metaphor were the Saint symbolize a poor people and the Dragon means a rule of the colonels that took place in nort-easten for many centuries, the battle between the good and the evil, restored from several sources this picture comes alive to us in good shape best as possible, with a lot of bonus which gave us another point of view of this remarkable director who died so young, but as a visionary filmaker deserves to be discovered by brazilians fans!!


First watch: 2019 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 8.5

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