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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by frankanthonyoverton10 / 10


I have been waiting for this movie since the directors first shot the idea across the bow. This is probably the MOST anticipated movie about the stock market ever. I am flabbergasted at all the details they put into the movie. The facts speak for themselves.

This movie covers the entire saga from 2019 all the way up to date. Plenty of interviews, graphs and all the due diligence your little heart could want. Plenty of truth, but no financial advice. We are retards who eat crayons.

Find out the truth behind the greatest stock scandal in history. Why did they turn off the BUY button, but not the SELL button? Who benefits? WATCH and SEE!

Buy and HODL.

Direct Register your GME shares at ComputerShare and help us win MORE & FASTER!

Reviewed by will-baker97410 / 10


This documentary explains wonderfully the corruption and legal theft of wallstreet from the retail investor.

They explain what happens when you place an order through a broker from what is supposed to happen to what actually does happen, but they do it in a way that makes it easy to understand.

I feel they sum up the average retail investor in such a good way. Tired, fed up and angry at a corrupt system that is solely made to take advantage of them.

I found this educational, funny and damn right shocking.

Great documentary and I would recommend everyone to watch this "ape" or "non-ape" before investing into the stock market.

Reviewed by nugsymcb10 / 10

Finally a good Gamestop Saga documentary

For the first time, we get to hear the story of GME's meteoric rise from the Apes' perspective. The Mulligan brother's pull no punches and lay bare the corruption of short sellers, market makers and hedge funds that have seized control of the US capital markets in order to enrich themselves at the expense of working class household investors. Through naked shorts, failures to deliver, and rehypothecation Wallstreet artificially inflates the supply of companies' shares and suppresses share prices. They call it sophisticated trading, in Texas we call it stealing.

For all the Apes out there, this is the one. Our humor, from our brothers and sisters, telling our story. The opening and closing taglines say it all:

Dedicated to Ken Griffin

In memorium: Melvin Capital 2014-2022

RIP Dumbass

Lmayo. Buy, Hodl, DRS, Book, Shop. ??????

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