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'As You Like It' at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre



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Tim McMullan Photo
Tim McMullan as Jaques
Jack Laskey Photo
Jack Laskey as Orlando de Boys
Jamie Parker Photo
Jamie Parker as Oliver de Boys
Naomi Frederick Photo
Naomi Frederick as Rosalind
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mickman91-18 / 10

Brilliant Shakespearean performance

It is a pleasure to see this production done in its original form in the Shakespearean Globe theatre: without sets or other production just simply the actors and their lines. It feels like seeing how the play was intended to be performed and as it would have been in the old bard's time. The humour in as you like it is subtle but the actors make this the funniest version of the play I've seen. Even Jacques the melancholic philosopher gets plenty of laughs from the audience and manages to make Jacques somehow very funny without losing any of the weight of some of his most thought provoking lines. This may well be the best version of the play on screen.

Reviewed by amazon-7238910 / 10

Excellent, excellent authentic production!

Even if you find Shakespeare plays difficult to watch and keep up with (as I do) I am sure you will still enjoy this production. I was really surprised at how much humour and sentiment is conveyed even though often the Shakespearian English is difficult to follow. This is a fabulous production for the uninitiated and I thoroughly recommend if you are just starting out with Shakespeare. Some amateur productions can be quite boring and laboured but the professionalism of these actors is outstanding and they convey the sentiment of each moment so well that even if you are unable to grasp the old English you still get the jist of what is being said and you can enjoy the sentiment and humour even as a novice. Also the fact that it is performed as near as we can get to the way that Shakespeare would have wanted it performed adds to the uniqueness of this performance and I found it much better than any of the Shakespeare movies I have seen. I was incredibly moved by the authenticity that the Globe experience provides which is also all credit to the video production.

I can't recommend this production enough and have made a special effort to come here and write this review. This would be an excellent production for drama teachers to play for students and if you have found Shakespeare hard I would recommend this as easy way to really feel the atmosphere that I am sure Shakespeare wanted to display. Some of the interaction with the audience is very amusing. Not just 'as you like it' I really loved this. well done to all the cast and production team!

Reviewed by robert_kirschten10 / 10

Shakespeare As You Like it Best

Outstanding production of classic Shakespeare pastoral romance. Directorial interpretation, pacing, choreography, fights, and music all work harmoniously under flawless organization by Thea Sharrock. The dance scene at the end is especially effective and energized. Naomi Frederick (Rosalind) and Jack Laskey (Orlando) exhibit striking chemistry with beautifully crafted deliveries and sexy, poignant ironies where needed. As Jaques, Tim McMullan reveals an entertaining combination of self-deprecating humor and silly melancholy as befits the role. Musical interludes and songs: first-rate. This is Shakespeare at his best, and you will like--even, love-- it.

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