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Assassin's Bullet


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Christian Slater Photo
Christian Slater as Robert
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Donald Sutherland as Ambassador Ashdown
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Timothy Spall as Dr. Kahn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Boba_Fett11384 / 10

Bad story makes this movie a mess to watch.

It's a somewhat decent made and looking low budget genre flick, that is however suffering from a terrible written script.

Problem with the movie is that you for the longest time will have no idea what you are watching here. You have no idea who all these characters are supposed to be and where the story will be heading at. I hate it when a movie does that. It's lazy writing and not a clever way to keep the audience in the dark for as a long as possible, concerning its story.

And really, when the plot becomes apparent it gets very easy to guess each time what shall happen next. The big 'twist' also is hardly something clever at all, since probably most will figure it out half way through already. It's just too obvious all and unfortunately also nothing too convincing, making this movie and its plot quite ridicules all.

It also really makes this a pointless movie to watch. It's lacking a clear point and direction with its story and there is nothing in it that shall ever truly surprise or thrill you. Not even the action, which isn't even all that much present anyway but you can blame the budget for that.

It's a sad thing Donald Sutherland's talent has to go to waste in this movie. Well, guess it was just some easy and fast money for him, since he isn't even all that much present in this movie, though it of course still gets advertised like he is playing a big part. But same can be said for Timothy Spall really, who should be above these type of movies.

Just not a very good movie to watch.


Reviewed by nogodnomasters4 / 10

No witnesses

Not being satisfied with killing the western genre, Christian Slater turns his sights on spy thrillers. Slater plays a former FBI official who now works at the US embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria. There is a vigilante assassin of "bad" Muslims that for some reason is a problem. We get to see that the killer is a dark haired woman.

In order to get Christian Slater back into the FBI business, the film incorporates the acting of Donald Sutherland, Hollywood's go-to guy for black ops since "JFK." In addition to the killings, the movie centers around Slater's obsession with a red headed belly dancer and a psychologist talking to a blond woman who teaches English.

The film gives you clues and key plot points almost in a manner of "Student Bodies" with a big arrow and the word "clue" by it. The camera will zoom in and pause to let us know the director thinks his audience is composed of idiots. Slater was unconvincing. Elika Portnoy was boring. This is not an action thriller, but a poorly developed drama/mystery.

On the plus side we did get to see some of the old architecture of Bulgaria.

Parental Guide: No f-bombs, no nudity, minor bed scene.

Reviewed by kosmasp4 / 10

Slater almost normal

Thinking about Christian Slater and where he could've been now, if he made the right choices or still was able to pull some good performances out of his hat, is almost depressing. But in this movie he seems to be sober or at least it seems he is trying to act again. Maybe he's trying to get into that "Heathers" reboot they're planning for TV, which apparently will be playing 20 years after the original events went down (who better to cast than him? And possibly Wynona of course).

But back to this, that also has Donald Sutherland, always reliable. Even with a weak script or dialog he produces movie magic. Or at least something watchable. Of course he is only a bit player in this, Slater and one of the actresses being the main focus points in this. I don't expect anyone to be too surprised by the developments of the movie, but I won't reveal anything here. Almost decent effort, with a strange ending ...

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