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Attacking the Devil: Harold Evans and the Last Nazi War Crime



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ergins10 / 10

A very emotional film that tells the true story of this tragedy.

A very emotional film about a human tragedy that is not as well known as it should be. The victims (parent, siblings and the people themselves) of this deserve dignity and respect for having to suffer what they have for all these years. I as born around the same time as these babies were and I could have easily been a victim of this.

The thing that stands out for me was the tenacity of the editor who just wouldn't let this go until justice was served; he went as far as putting his own freedom at risk to tell the story. Not only did the story finally get out but he changed the law in the United Kingdom (via the European Courts) so that the press had more freedom to report of stories like this in the future.

The take away from this is that a free and vibrant press brought this to light and ensured that the victims were recognised and compensated. Suppressing journalism and the press is the thin end of the wedge to a totalitarian state where freedom is just an illusion.

Reviewed by chazwyman6 / 10

Calling this a Nazi Drug diverts attention from those that made this the worst public scandle in modern history.

It is not a "Nazi Drug". Nor is it a "Nazi" war crime. It was not marketed until 1957. The real criminals are the people that continued to prescribe the drug whilst surpressing knowledge of its harms.

Reviewed by gtranquilla-1163810 / 10

Incredible with shocking revelations

It would be a mistake for anyone to miss this incredible and revealing documentary about a horrible pharmaceutical tragedy that could have been easily avoided.

It helps us to see just how far corrupt corporations were and may still go to protect themselves from paying for their own mistakes. But it also shows how one great man....dedicated himself to righting this horrible injustice.

There is one shocking surprise after another....but also a positive ending. I am surprised this man was not given a Nobel Peace Prize for his unselfish efforts on behalf of innocent victims.

But what is the connection to Concentration camps?

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