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Auggie Rose


Drama / Mystery / Romance

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Timothy Olyphant Photo
Timothy Olyphant as Roy Mason
Anne Heche Photo
Anne Heche as Lucy Brown
Jeff Goldblum Photo
Jeff Goldblum as John Nolan
Nancy Travis Photo
Nancy Travis as Carol
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FiendishDramaturgy9 / 10

Awesome Goldblum! Great Finished Product! Whack Storyline!

Let me start by saying that this story line is completely insane! It is not unbelievable, nor is it immature. It is temporarily insane.

Suffering OCD from a trauma, John (Goldblum) begins demonstrating classic "searching" behavior. He investigates and finally insinuates himself into a situation which is absurd, in a vainglorious attempt to atone for a wrong which he did not commit.

Honestly, while the story itself was oddly compelling, the key element this work features is the versatility of Goldblum as an actor. He shows a depth and range here which his characters are not usually afforded.

I felt that this was one of the best performances of his career!

I cannot wait to see what he does next!

It rates a 9.4/10 on the "B Scale" from...

the Fiend :.

Reviewed by cdelacroix18 / 10

Charming, Mysterious Pleasure

I just watched this movie, which I had gotten on sale somewhere. The title on the DVD I picked up was "Beyond Suspicion" and I got it "on spec", more on the strength of the two headlining performers and the label "thriller." I guess it was a thriller, at least in some sense, but another comment that places it more in the Twilight Zone category seems more accurate to me. Yet not quite that either: this to me is a strangely charming movie, with good strong acting, fine cinematography, and above all, a great script with plenty of psychological twists and turns ... and a satisfying denouement that is appealing at several levels.

I hadn't really intended to comment ... I was just looking this up to see what else there might be about this movie on IMDb ... and then realized that I simply had to offer my humble and grateful homage to this exquisite film.

Reviewed by robert-temple-110 / 10

Wonderfully intriguing and entrancing fable about changing one's life

This is a truly superb film, and American TV director Matthew Tabak (whoever he is!) should be out there directing big Hollywood movies all the time, as he shows so much talent as the writer and director of this picture that he should be an icon by now. Is there no justice? His absence from the big screen for eight years is as puzzling as that of Gilles Mimouni, who after making 'l'Appartement' simply disappeared. This film is so sensitively and beautifully conceived and scripted, and so dazzlingly directed, that it is a real addition to the true cineaste's most select DVD collection. And all the performances are wonderful. The lead is Jeff Goldblum, in perhaps his finest performance ever. And most exciting of all is the fascinating Anne Heche, who has a face so full of character that she knocks any twenty other actresses into the shade without even trying and doesn't even need plastic surgery (please note, idiot-starlets!). The lighting cameraman has enhanced this by giving her face a mysterious and eerie glow, bordering on the supernatural. Her role is of a girl who seems to have dropped in from the sky anyhow. This film conveys a sense of the invisible forces at work in human destiny, and you can feel the spirits breathing down your neck. Old timer Joe Santos adds a superb character part to the mix. Richard T. Jones is outstanding. Everybody is good. This is a true ensemble success. The recipe for this wholly successful movie seems to have been: 'add some tabak and stir'. The story starts with a traumatic incident in which a man is killed by one of those disgusting little shits with a gun, robbing a deli to pay for his next heroine fix presumably. Jeff Goldblum is there at the time and the man dies in his presence. He becomes obsessed with this man, who was he, why does he have no next of kin who will claim his body, what is the mystery behind his life? This leads to a meeting with the amazing Anne Heche and a confusion of identities for Goldblum, who starts to lead the life of the dead man and abandon his own. It is weird stuff, but totally convincing. The original title of the film 'Auggie Rose' is the name of the dead man, whose identity ends up spanning two different men. If it were not for the intensity of Goldblum and the spellbinding performance by Heche, this film could have flopped. But the writer/director and the stars obviously completely believed in what they were doing, and therefore they pulled it off and have made a film which is really a minor classic.

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