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2017 [FRENCH]

Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by karolinaszin8 / 10

I did not expect reality from it

I liked it: the film operates with loads and loads of symbols without becoming tedious or cumbersome. Instead, the viewer is invited to be curious about these ideas and dive deeper into the layers. Casting is spot on, characters are good, and I simply adore the soundtrack. What made me strangely detached early on was the fact that I simply did not find the film believable, and even the music score could hardly drag me back into the plot. Obviously, I did not expect reality from it. And I love fairy tales, by the way. Yet somehow the characters' motivations and the way these are fit into the narrative leave things to be desired. They felt incomplete. It's a very good movie, but as it is mighty close to being great, a slightly frustrating one at the same time.

Reviewed by DukeEman8 / 10

Puberty, love, adventure and blindness...

AVA is set on an idyllic seaside town during a typical French summer holiday were the 13-year-old title hero learns that her sight is deteriorating, (brilliant performance from Noee Abita who was 18 at the time for obvious reasons). This dilemma forces Ava to create her own world, where along the way she befriends a young Gypsy boy and his dog. They form a pact and hit the road as they make a run from the law and life itself. The young director, Lea Mysius, mixes it up with neorealism, a bit of pop culture, and some surreal moments, capturing perfectly the mindset of a teenager going through puberty during her pending ordeal.

Reviewed by claudejunge8 / 10

Une surprise !

I found it bold in many ways. I'm not sure of having already seen something like this. Violence boldness, artistic boldness, hippie boldness, yes, but every day boldness ? boldness to accept one's weakness ? Boldness to accept my weakness ? I found it surprising in many ways but it goes with it. It's funny, crazy, sexy, cool, true. I do not want to spoil any surprises so I won't say much more. I don't know if it's a great movie, but for me it is a memorable movie as I do not often see.

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