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Avatar: The Way of Water


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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Jack Champion Photo
Jack Champion as Spider
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Zoe Saldana as Neytiri
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Kate Winslet as Ronal
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paragon2406 / 10

Avatar: The Way of Water follows in its predecessor's footsteps with stunning effects and a mediocre story.

It's a James Cameron film, so it's impressive. The special effects, camerawork, world-building, and action were all off the charts. But Avatar: The Way of Water struggles like its predecessor in the story and character development departments. In fact, the story of The Way of Water is almost identical to the first Avatar. Instead of humans learning to be Na'vi and then fighting Stephen slang, a family of forest Na'vi learns to be ocean Na'vi and then fight Stephen Lang. All the strengths and weaknesses of the first movie are back in this one, with the bonus of being compared to the original. It really is a visual feast and special effects masterpiece, but just like the first Avatar, that's all it is.

Reviewed by JumpingCineFile7 / 10

Visually stunning and action packed but story is light

This sequel has a design and look that matches the first film but it no longer has the same impact. While the ocean setting brings new creatures for us to marvel at - it isn't as breathtakingly new as it was 13 years ago.

There are a lot of action set pieces and all of them are great to watch, although they feel either repetitive or borrowed from previous Cameron films like Titanic.

For me, bringing back both the Grace character and the evil colonel felt too much. One of them, Grace (Sigorney Weaver),would have been sufficient, the Colonel could easily have been a brother like in Die Hard 3, although this would require additional story changes regarding the adolescent « Spider » character. But that would have been better than the whole « importance of Family » theme running through everything. Just too much of that for me, as well as let's make sure only incidental characters die.

The 3D and higher frame rate aspects added nothing extra for me, and at times made it feel like video and not like a real film - although interestingly this video feel was not always there like in the Hobbit films, but would come and go.

The story of this film becomes a battle between Jake and the cloned Colonel, with the rest of the global aspect of Pandora verses Humans dropping by the wayside. It would have been more interesting if the new antagonist, not a clone of the Colonel, disobeys his orders from the General and goes AWOL to hunt down Jake - like Captain Ahab and the white whale.

Reviewed by Tweetienator6 / 10

Visuals Top, Movie Not

The strong suit of the first Avatar movie was for sure not the story (the retelling of Pocahontas in a sci-fi context etc. - my rate for that one is a straight 8),so I did not expect a sophisticated plot or something substantial, and like expected, the story is nothing worth to mention or remarkable. Fore sure, The Way of Water is no bad experience, the effects are fine, the production superb, so I dare to say, if you liked the first one you will like this one most likely too. All in all I was entertained, but the trip had some lengthy parts too, some cutting (like in many productions these days) would have done some magick to the experience of The Way of Water. Also the sensation of the new style like movies like the first Matrix, Sin City and Avatar provided is gone - you know what you get. So I gotta confess, here and there I was slightly bored, and sometimes it was like watching the cinematic to a (well made) computer game. In my humble opinion, the media mostly does overpraise this work by James Cameron like they did with the Dune remake by Denis Villeneuve. Eye-candy? Yes. Cinematic masterpieces? No.

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