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Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias


Crime / Drama

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Jane Moffat as Judge Stephens
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Celina Sinden as Jodi Arias
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by evening17 / 10

Interesting and gripping

I was really drawn into this prison drama, which follows up on Jodi Arias while she is awaiting trial for the murder of her boyfriend, Travis, and denying that she killed him.

At prison in Arizona, Jodi's cellmate Tracy is at first hostile, considering Jodi a snitch, but gradually trust builds, as artistically gifted Jodi flouts prison rules to give Tracy a signed tattoo (where Jodi had learned this skill, one can only wonder).

The physically imposing Tracy offers some much needed-protection to fish-out-of-water Jodi, who occupies herself with such activities as singing (i.e. "Amazing Grace") and vocabulary-building.

We also meet Tracy's girlfriend, Donavan, who, upon release from prison, kindly agrees to help Jodi. Donavan soon comes to regret her efforts, but finds solace in supporting Jodi's mother and ailing dad, who says Jodi's no angel, but "she's still our daughter."

The performances here are excellent -- particularly Tricia Black as the quietly observant Donavan. As Tracy, Lynn Rafferty is convincing as the type of inmate you want on your side if you're imprisoned. Celena Sinden excels as Jodi of the silken tresses, nailing mannerisms familiar from publicity about the case. I also enjoyed Elias Edracki in the small role of Bricker, a prison guard with inimitable stare-down skills.

Much to my surprise, this movie ends happily -- for Donovan and Tracy, who, it turns out, did not have to be together to remain a couple. Good for them!

Reviewed by nogodnomasters7 / 10

No Jury will convict me

The film starts with Donavan Bering (Tricia Black) being given a polygraph sometime after the trial. It then flashes back to when she was in prison and Jodi Arias (Celina Sinden) strolled into her life.. Jodi bunks with Tracy (Lynn Rafferty) who thinks she is a snitch. After passing a test, Jodi becomes best friends with the happy couple. Jodi is intelligent, insightful, and complimentary. The two inmates protect her from the rest of the group. Donavan eventually leaves prison and advocates for Jodi's defense.

The film made Jodi appeal as a scheming slippery tongue devil. You just had to fall in love and admire her until you realized you were betrayed as the story was captured through the eyes and emotions of Donovan. No shower scenes.

Guide: No swearing, sex or nudity.

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