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Bad Habits Die Hard

2020 [ITALIAN]


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Reviewed by Tweekums7 / 10

Bad Habits

Orlando is nervous about meeting his girlfriend's somewhat intimidating family for the first time so invites his friend Biagio to join him. From the start many of the family seem a little off but just how off doesn't become clear to the friends for some time. The viewer learns early on that they include more than one murderer. As Orlando gets closer to the family Biagio gets suspicious. With the help of a local homeless man he starts to investigate and is disturbed by what they find.

This is an enjoyably macabre comedy. At first it isn't too obvious how things will go or just which members of the family are killers but it isn't too long before the situation becomes clear to the viewer. The story progresses nicely, and while it isn't overly gory there are one or two disturbing scenes. Sometimes leaving the disturbing content just off camera can be more disturbing as one can imagine worse than might be shown. The family isn't too obviously wicked so we can believe outsiders would look at them as merely eccentric. The acting is solid and the setting, mostly in a large and fairly dark house contrasting nicely with the scenic surrounding countryside. Overall I'd say that if you are watching for major scares or hilarity you might be disappointed but if you want dark humour and some disturbing moments it is quite fun.

These comments are based on watching the film in Italian with English subtitles.

Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

Habits or not to(o) habits

No pun intended - who is to say what are good or bad habits, right? Well I reckon the moral compass most of us have should be one indicator ... right? I think that is something we can agree on. Now what we may not be able to agree on: how do you like them apples? Wait let me break it down: Imdb has this under "comedy". But is it? It is, but it also is horror - and this is a mixture that not everyone is in favor of.

So how you like (them apples),will be answered by your own taste ... and if you like what you are being served. This is violent, but it is also trying to make you laugh. It does succeed in some ways - at least ... B-movie horror with quite a touch of humor ... dig it or not, it does its best to entertain.

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