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Barbie: The Pearl Princess


Action / Animation / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright73%
IMDb Rating6.1101319

mermaidbased on toy

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Kelly Sheridan as Lumina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dianamarinelli6 / 10

Not bad but very same Barbie movie

This movie was overall okay the old barbie mermaid movie. Watchable but nothing special

Reviewed by ninjathesecond10 / 10


Although she has been through a slump, it is good to see Barbie is getting her career back on track in another adventure. She is much improved and the kids really enjoyed the latest movie Barbie the pearl princess. The one drawback the movie is slow paced, lacking in tension and intrigue, and I am scratching my head wondering why the script has been written in this plodding manner. Of course a very obvious way to build up tension is to have a threat of imminent danger hanging over the protagonist's head. But for some reason this did not happen. Barbie sailed through the movie, cut peoples hair, explored the castle, made new friends, and for some reason the "aunt" had the threat of danger, as she had to poison the king along with the risk of getting caught. Why this lopsided approach? It did not work. Barbie was in some danger but it did not come across very well. The aunt stole the show in this respect. We all know "The hero's journey" And there is nothing worse than a movie in which the hero wants to go on the adventure/quest. The reverse should be; every step must be forced, conflicting emotions, divided loyalties, danger/risk of undertaking the quest versus the big payoff. When Barbie wanted to go to the castle, and did so, this was a major turn off and really hurt the movie. All in all a good offering, probably the best for quite some time.

Reviewed by worldfangirl9 / 10

I loved it!

This movie was so beautiful & it did kind of remind me of some of the older Barbie films. Great storyline!

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