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Beyond Human Nature


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Reviewed by tonykhallmilwaukee10 / 10

A Must See True Crime Doc

Beyond Human Nature is an excellent true crime documentary that will more than satisfy any true crime doc viewers itch for a complex story, and the nuance between innocence and accusation. Masterly, and skillfully this doc puts you right into the mystery surrounding the death of Tom Monfils. What is also great is that it is a documentary so well done, that this isn't just a movie for documentary viewers, or true crime fans, but for anyone looking for that surprise watch that will have you questioning everything, and keeping you in suspense of what is going to happen next. It is 'beyond compelling'.

The documentary handles more than extremely well telling all sides of the story, leaving the viewer unsure of which side to take.

Beyond Human Nature tells the interminable true crime story of 6 paper mill factory workers who are convicted of killing their co-worker by tying him to a large weight and dumping him into a huge vat of liquid pulp. The incident occurred in 1992 and the defendants, now referred to as the 'Monfils Six' are all convicted of the conspiracy two and a half years later in 1995. This case has dominated the headlines in the Green Bay, WI area for 30 years. 30 years later we are still asking, was this a horrendous crime? Or, was this a suicide mistaken for foul play?

Leading up to the horrendous incident, the deceased Tom Monfils made several anonymous calls to the police department to report on an employee, Keith Kutska, that he thought was stealing large amounts of product from the company. The two also had a dispute on how the company was going to approve work hours going forward which would in essence, affect their income and livelihood. Those accused of stealing were at risk of losing their jobs over the stolen equipment and product - and these jobs were very coveted union jobs with large pensions in which you would be set for life. After the anonymous calls were made to the police office, accused Keith Kutska was able to obtain copies of the voice recordings, through a lapse in police procedure. On the day of the incident Keith Kutska was able to play these recordings to his co-workers showing that Tom Monfils was the rat trying to get him and others fired.

Was it murder? Was it suicide? How much guilt lies at the feet of the Green Bay Police Department by wrongly releasing the anonymous voice recordings?

What is also outstanding is how the story-tellers are able to tell all sides of the story. The viewers are left to make their own determinations. The film-makers do not show bias and it is still up in the air what the final answer is, despite all of the circumstance that is there to be considered, along with all the twists and turns.

Further, fans of the series 'Making a Murderer' will love the folksy, aww shucks personalities of the up North Wisconsinites that are interviewed in this film. This true crime story, can draw heavy comparison to that series as the events took place approximately 10 years prior and 40 miles away from the famous netflix series. This is the O. G. Making a Murderer.

I was able to view this movie as it played to a packed house at the Milwaukee Film Festival in which EVERYONE was on the edge of their seat.

I cannot recommend this film enough. It is a must-see!

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