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2023 [HINDI]

Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten38%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright73%
IMDb Rating7.41016598


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Uploaded by: FREEMAN


Top cast

Abhishek Bachchan Photo
Abhishek Bachchan as Chomu Singh
Amala Paul Photo
Amala Paul as Dr Swara
Ajay Devgn Photo
Ajay Devgn as Bholaa
Tabu Photo
Tabu as SP Diana Joseph
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by roshancrast2 / 10

A blunder in the name of improvisation

I am huge fan of Ajay devgan and Bollywood so such projects really hurts.

Even if this movie would have been a frame to frame copy of original it would have been a lot better.

Whole plot was totally destroyed in the name of improvisation.

Ajay devgns character is shown as a god in the movie, starting action scene, police vehicles are being flung in to air by a truck despite being hurt and hanging out of the police scorpio tabu perfectly manages to hold ray ban intact on her face.

Gajraj rao trying to be a south Indian was no where near in fact it was embarrassing.

Massive talent Deepak Dobriyal was wasted in this movie.

Casting done for this movie was very bad, most of the actors despite being power house of talent could not do much justice to their role.

I feel this movie does grave injustice to original cult "kaithi".

If I were to say something good about this movie it's "tabu" and "sanjay mishra" only.

Original was a gripping movie, here not even a single scene which matches or is even near to the original "kaithi".

I will watch kaithi 10 times more but will not dare to see bholaa again.

I am not against remakes only thing is dont ruin it.

Reviewed by Biswas_6 / 10

Highly enjoyable but lacks the emotions of Kaithi

Kaithi was one really grounded film where the emotions worked extremely well . Bholaa on the other hand is a highly masala filled version of Kaithi with emotions not working.

If you have seen Kaithi , you will realise, Dilli was no superhuman that made his journey even more interesting. Bholaa on the other hand is presented as a near John wick like superhuman who literally can't be touched or hurt anyway. That's where the soul of the original is lost.

Anyways we know story of Bholaa is that one kind of video game where you are given a mission and you encounter multiple villains and boss fights on the way until you reach the final destination. What Ajay Devgn had done well is to incorporate some more adrenaline pumping action sequences which is different from the original source material while keeping some same from the original which includes the famous machine gun climax. The new action sequences are enjoyable and keep you hooked. Some feel jarring but most are exciting.

Some hand to hand fight sequences are just Brutal . The trishool fight sequence was really exciting yet brutal to witness. It seems Devgn focused more on action than emotions .

Why is the film in 3D is beyond my understanding. Max shows at my place where 3D or 4d. This is a pure 2D film forcibly converted to 3D for no reason.

Performances. Before I come to Ajay , big shout out to Deepak dobriyal . My god what a performance!!! Remember how a Riteish pulled off a villainish role in Ek Villian despite carrying the comedy actor tag? Deepak carries the same tag but pulls off this daring villian role effortlessly. He's just terrific. Then ofc it's Ajay who plays Bholaa pretty well . However he can't pull of the tandoori chicken scene as perfectly as Dilli's biryani scene in kaithi . Tabu is also good so is Sanjay Mishra who has a massive role in the story. Vineet Singh should have given more scope his intro made him look a monster but then the source material didn't allow makers to use him . Gajraj is wasted.

Negatives- screenplay issue. Many abrupt scene changes. Sometimes very inconsistent. A rushed climax and a cameo that isn't that menacing enough to set it up for next part (Remember the menacing cameo of Surya as Rolex which set it up brilliantly for his part ?) . An unnecessary bad item song is there called Paan Dukaniya which sounds bad and was not even needed in the film.

Overall, an enjoyable masala film which lacks emotions and the power to push the film into its next part .

Reviewed by cinematicsandy2 / 10

Shocked by the output of the effort

A quick fix commercial movie. Once again this movie proves that the coordination of multiple talents when lacking can spoil a movie.

For now the movie banks on the fervour of the general action genre but lacks much in many departments. Ajay Devgn shows his acting brilliance in parts and the villain "Ashwathama" could be the bad guy talent the movies need. Tabus performance was under powered.

The dialogues just didn't come across as wow, leaving nothing to remember. Prod quality wise the fight sequences are crisp and some some funny Those who want too watch any action movie, you will like most of it, if you are looking storyline and depth then is avoidable.

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