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Big George Foreman


Biography / Drama / Sport

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Sonja Sohn Photo
Sonja Sohn as Nancy Foreman
Forest Whitaker Photo
Forest Whitaker as Doc Broadus
Sam Trammell Photo
Sam Trammell as Rev. Virdell Stokes
Matthew Glave Photo
Matthew Glave as Howard Cosell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by subxerogravity7 / 10

A great story about a great man.

My knowledge of Big George Foreman accumulates to two things as a child of the 90s: His name is on the greatest cooking device ever made and he started the trend of middle-aged men proving that they still got it. All that was enough to paek my interest in learning about the rest.

Of course, I'm aware of his big fight with Muhammad Ali but this has to be the first movie that told the story from his perspective (Not surprising sense he did not have the favorable outcome). I learned a lot about Foreman that was really inspiring. It was also a great boxing movie, absolutely a great contender for one of the best sports movies ever made, which surprises me how low key its release was.

It's covering a lot so it goes by a little too fast, but the Info is solid and engaging. Forest Whitaker and Sona Sohn are the only two recognizable names but the dude who plays Foreman himself was absolutely excellent in the role. The physically transformation from becoming 19-year Foreman to 45-year-old Foreman was worthy of an Oscar nod at least (if you believe what they say about winning an Oscar) Big George Forman throughs a good punch.

Reviewed by dtucker8610 / 10

A real champ

Khris Davis does a remarkable job of bringing George Foreman to life in this film. Foreman slowly evolves in the movie its almost as if he is three different characters. In the beginning he is a poor boy from Texas tormented by his class mates and filled with inner rage and drifts into a life of petty crime. Given a chance to shine in the job corps he is lucky enough to find a kind counselor (the awesome Forrest Whittaker) who suggests he channel his anger and strength into boxing. His deeply religious mother looks down on his fighting career but he rises like a Phoenix becoming an Olympic Gold Medalist and then the Heavyweight Champion of the world. However he also becomes arrogant and insufferable driving away his loving wife. Then there is the infamous "Rumble in the Jungle" with Ali where he is knocked out and the fight with Jimmy Young where a near death experience in the dressing room causes him to dedicate his life to God and helping unfortunate youth. Davis makes each tranformation of Foreman's character convincing and the fight scenes in the film are exciting (although not as good as the Rocky or Creed films). The only quibble I have with the film is that the actor that plays Howard Cosell does a terrible impression and the one who plays Ali isn't much better. I think Wil Smith did such a good job of playing him I just can't accept anyone else. Of course in the end Foreman comes back after ten years and at 45 wins back the title inspiring fat bald men everywhere. Seriously George Foreman is a champ in and out of the ring and this fine film truly does him justice.

Reviewed by ethanbresnett6 / 10

The story is compelling, but the film lacks some character.

George Foreman is a hugely impressive man, of that there is no question. What he achieved in the sport of boxing is truly phenomenal and deserves to be committed to film. However, a remarkable life does not necessarily make a remarkable film, and that is painfully evident with this biopic.

For a two hour film it feels excruciatingly long. The pace is ploddy and lethargic and it is a real chore at times. There's a lack of creative or visual flair in the filmmaking which doesn't help with this issue. The boxing sequences are also relatively flat which doesn't help either.

In terms of the story, it is very interesting. I knew next to nothing about Big George before watching this film, so learning about his rise in boxing was really interesting, but the story isn't overly well told. It zips past too many areas and lingers in others for too long. It is always difficult with a biopic deciding which areas to focus on across an entire life, and I don't think this one gets it quite right.

I wasn't entirely convinced with the lead performance either. Khris Davis is a fine actor I'm sure but too often he just felt off. I can't put my finger on it but it just doesn't work.

Quite often the tone felt off as well. The initial half an hour or so was incredibly cheesy, with really quite poor dialogue.

As negative as all of that sounds, I did enjoy this film. It isn't overly well made and feels pretty clunky in parts, but it's hard to ignore how fun and engaging the story is. When you have such a brilliantly interesting man at the centre of your biopic, it's hard not to make a compelling film. Despite its lack of flair, this is still a solidly engaging biopic.

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