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Big Is Beautiful

2012 [FRENCH]


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Uploaded by: FREEMAN

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Anouk Aimée Photo
Anouk Aimée as Maman
Lola Dewaere Photo
Lola Dewaere as Nina
Victoria Abril Photo
Victoria Abril as Sophie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by richwgriffin-227-1766359 / 10

a wonderful french comedy (:

I was pretty shocked after seeing this movie to see that this wonderful movie only gets a 5.1 on IMDb! Huh? Did these people actually see this warm and wonderful comedy? All of the performances are terrific and the chemistry between the characters is palpable and real. I stayed up and watched this movie on TV5MONDE specifically to see Lola Dewaere (a new actress to watch) because she got a Cesar nomination for Most Promising Actress for this 2012 film. I wonder if others are bothered by the subject? Overweight people? It's very kind and compassionate towards all of its characters. I especially love the warm bond between the young woman and the overweight boy (sorry I'm not good with names of characters). The overweight woman who is fine with being overweight is a total delight. This is a fresh look at french society. The direction is really good and I look forward to seeing more of his work.

Reviewed by adventurer_ci6 / 10

Good comedy

I agree with the previous comment about this movie. The film is easy to watch, good performances. I found it authentic and realistic. All in all, the movie contains themes that many of us can identify with and will leave you inspired. In more than a few years I could not find a single Hollywood movie worth watching. There are some exception of course, one of them is "The Sessions (2012)", or some independent movies. Acting in Hollywood movies is so bad these days, even the famous actors seem to lose their groove. Movies are being written using the same formula. It is nauseating. So this Italian comedy, while not a masterpiece, is definitely a feel-good movie for a rainy evening. Thanks for the internet where I can watch excellent foreign movies.

Reviewed by kosmasp7 / 10

Rather small

Small scale that is considering the size of the movie (no pun intended). And it is rather sweet too (which you'd think would not be helping, especially considering the fact this is about losing weight). But as the movie would like to tell you, it's not about pressure from outside, but how you feel about yourself.

Easier said than done of course and it does sound like a cliché. But it's lovely made and it is a really decent comedy about a theme that is a bit touchy. Not easy to please everyone obviously and having extra stories put in there, it still kinda works. The dialog is good and even though you know where this is going, the ride is still (or can be) a lot of fun to watch. Not excellent, but good

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