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Big Mäck - Gangster und Gold

2023 [GERMAN]


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Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10

(Be)Cause and effect

No pun intended - it is not just the American Justice system that gets things wrong. Either by suing the wrong person or letting a guilty person walk free. There are so many cases, there are so many crimes. I don't know if people are or rather were aware of the one at hand. The person who is not .. well the fastest when it comes to moving ability (due to having a weight problem I reckon you could say),was charged for something he did not commit - was aquitted for later.

That is the premise - and the documentary really is good in breaking down what happened and what continued after our main .. well "character" was able to leave prison. The label he got and that is revealed quite late in the game ... may be an indicator.

A weird documentary ... but a well done one. A curious one I reckon would be the best way to describe it. If there is an ounce of interest, you probably will have ... well "fun" with it ...

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