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Bikini Hackers



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pontus-bergatrollet1 / 10

Most probaly the worst movie I have ever seen...

I really don't mind the laughingly bad movies with lack of logic in the script, cheap special effects, inexperienced actors and unnatural freaks, like Sharknado and the likes. And unprovoked exposure of skin is also quite acceptable.

That said, this takes the concept to a new level of rubbish. Hackers not interested in hacking, the totally absurde lack of clothing, the high pitched voice of the main actor causing head aches and also the script that had less depth than an 8 page kids cartoon.

Do save yourself the time and avoid this one at all cost. It's too bad to even be so bad it's entertaining.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen1 / 10

Oh, it was definitely bad...

Given the movie's cover and the title, then I have to admit that I wasn't exactly harboring the highest of hopes or expectations to writer and director Scott Hillman's 2023 comedy "Bikini Hackers". However, with this being a movie I hadn't already seen, nor even heard about prior to watching it, of course I opted to give the movie the benefit of the doubt.

I checked out the movie on IMDb prior to watching it, which is something I usually rarely do. And seeing that the movie had a staggering 1.6 rating, I must admit that my expectations and hopes for the movie went from slim to none.

And the movie's low rating is with good cause. Because "Bikini Hackers" is a horrible movie. I am all with the low rating reviewers on this one. The storyline in "Bikini Hackers", as written by Scott Hillman, was just pure rubbish. It felt like something that was concocted by a bored high school kid doodling in some class at the end of a long and boring school day. Fully and wholly ridiculous concept and idea for a storyline, and it just made for zero entertainment value.

The fact that the acting performances in the movie were as wooden and rigid as oak didn't exactly help to win me over either. I wasn't familiar with a single actress or actor on the cast list, and that is usually something I enjoy when I sit down and watch a movie. But the level of acting skill, or rather the lack thereof, seen in "Bikini Hackers" was just draining away the will to sit through and endure 66 minutes of this ordeal. And believe me, those 66 minutes might seem like a drop of water on paper, but on the screen it felt like an eternity.

Do yourself a favor and stay well clear of writer and director Scott Hillman's "Bikini Hackers" movie, because it is exactly as bad as the low rating indicates. Some of us suffered through this ordeal so you don't have to.

My rating of "Bikini Hackers" lands on a one out of ten stars. It is definitely a contender for most laughably bad movies I have stumbled upon in a long, long time.

Reviewed by psxexperten1 / 10

Was hoping for it to get better...nope! Pure garbage is my verdict.

This movie (if you can call it that) must have been made just for fun or "The worst movie of the year".

The plot holes are massive. I mean you would have to suspend all reality of society to believe some of the things that occur to set up the "story" or "plot" or whatever this thing is.

The "plot" is allegorical and so basic. Why do films like this even get made? How do scripts like this get financed? Black mail? I don't get it. Even the acting isn't great.

There are other parts where you will just shake your head and ask: Why. That's the main question. This is utter nonsense. Unless you're into watching a plot that moves in ways that confuse you and make you annoyed, I would avoid this movie. Not good.

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