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Billion Dollar Limited


Action / Adventure / Animation / Crime / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by suchenwi8 / 10

A refreshing exception

When one watches the animated Superman shorts of the 1940s, the similarity of the plots can become a bit boring - the adversary is most often a mad scientist in a hidden headquarter, threatening Metropolis with some evil invention - death rays, mechanical monsters, electric earthquake, magnetic telescope, what have you.

This one is refreshingly different. The bad ones drive around in a car, shooting and bombing, but the center of action is the gold train (on which Lois Lane travels, as the only press reporter, it seems). Train movies have their own typical ingredients, from the 1903 Great Train Robbery on, and quite some are featured here: decoupling cars in motion, running on the roofs, taking the steam locomotive from the tender in the back, fighting with the engineer, a switch turned to deroute the train on a side track, the fall (of people or the whole train) from a high bridge... it's all in the few minutes of this lovely piece.

But it wouldn't be a Superman film if he didn't do some incredible feats (involving balancing and high-precision placement) to ultimately win the day. If you're a fan of train movies, don't miss this. It's in the public domain and can be legally downloaded from

Reviewed by tavm7 / 10

Another pretty good Superman cartoon from the Fleischers in Billion Dollar Limited

With this summer having more than its share of superhero movies (Thor, X-Men, Green Lantern, Captain America),I thought I'd review yet another cartoon starring the first of them: Superman. In this one, after reporter Lois Lane ends up having to take the train carrying a shipment of gold to its destination after some robbers take the actual engineers out, Supes saves her more than once from actual danger not to mention leading the locomotive the rest of the way. With this third entry, Max and Dave Fleischer once again provide an entertaining adventure of the Man of Steel as he uses all his power in keeping the vehicle from falling off a bridge, getting Lois out of harm's way of explosives, and running the thing himself after the lead...oh, just watch the cartoon if you want to know the rest. So all in all, Billion Dollar Limited is worth a look.

Reviewed by BobLib10 / 10

Best of the Superman Shorts

While all of the Fleischer/Famous Studios "Superman" cartoons are excellent, "Billion Dollar Limited," the third in the series, is probably the best of the lot in terms of overall animation, plot, and pacing. Why it wasn't even nominated for an Oscar as Best Animated Short for 1942 (Incredibly enough, only the first one was) in inexplicable.

Here, Lois Lane is assigned to cover the transfer of one billion dollars in gold to the U.S. Mint. Masked gangsters in their super-powered (for 1942) car take off after the train, determined to get that gold. Without giving too much away, what ensues is a thrill ride for both the characters and the audience, with truth, justice, and Superman triumphant at the end.

As they did in all the Fleischer/Famous Superman cartoons, Clayton "Bud" Collyer and Joan Alexander, who played Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane on radio, have the voice work honors here, and Fleischer perennial Jack Mercer gets a little to do as one of the bad guys, as well.

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