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Black Fox: Good Men and Bad



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Nancy Sorel Photo
Nancy Sorel as Sarah Johnson
Kim Coates Photo
Kim Coates as Natchez John Dunn
Christopher Reeve Photo
Christopher Reeve as Alan Johnson
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Lawrence Dane as Colonel McKensie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Uriah436 / 10

The Third Installment of the Black Fox Trilogy

This film takes up three years later with the Civil War having drawn to a close and various kinds of people heading west either looking for a new life or to wreak havoc and cause trouble on those less fortunate. On that note, with both Union and Confederate soldiers now out of work the influx of these men is being felt in the Texas Panhandle as lawlessness substantially increases. It's during this time that the former slave "Britt Johnson" (Tony Todd) engages in a fistfight with one particular troublemaker by the name of "Carl Glenn" (David Fox) which is subsequently broken up-but with Carl determined to continue the fight another day. Sure enough, a couple of nights later Carl rides out to homestead where Britt lives and-not realizing that Britt isn't there-- inadvertently shoots Britt's good friend "Allen Johnson" (Christopher Reeve) instead. If that wasn't bad enough, he also shoots and kills Allen's wife "Sarah Johnson" (Nancy Sorel) in the process. Saddened by this tragic turn of events Britt accepts an offer by the commander of a nearby fort "Colonel McKenzie" (Lawrence Dane) to become the new town marshal-and his first assignment is to track down Carl Glenn and bring him back alive to face justice. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this turned out to be a sufficient final installment to the "Black Fox trilogy". Admittedly, I would have preferred a slightly better ending but all things considered it was satisfactory enough and I have rated this film accordingly. Slightly above average.

Reviewed by mark.waltz6 / 10

Time for justice.

The civil war is over and President Lincoln has been assassinated in this third installment of the "Black Fox" series starring Christopher Reeve (in one of his last films before his accident) and Tony Todd as the title character who, along with his wife and son have been loyal friends of Reed and his wife Nancy Sorel. Unfortunately, this leads to just order and violence, and Sorel is killed while Ruiz is wounded. Now it's up to Reeve to seek revenge on the killer and this means going out to track him. Where he finds him is quite ironic, and yet that doesn't make it easy for him to take his vengeance right then and there.

I have not yet seen the first two "Black Fox" movies which is probably a good idea so you get to know these characters. Reeve and Todd have a great camaraderie, and you can feel the grief that Todd and his family (who just happen to be black, free former slaves) feel for him. It's beautifully filmed with lush music and great outdoor photography, but there are a lot of moments when there is absolutely no dialogue so it does become a little slow here in there. Still, you do root for Reeve to succeed, find justice and move on with his life. Kim Coates shows up later in the movie as a woman on her way to Chicago who gives Reeve aide and possibly a new love interest, or at least some hope.

Reviewed by gordonb-595876 / 10

Typical western, nothing special

The Pros: Beautifully filmed western. Scenery, music and landscapes all done very nice. Makes the movie a visual pleasure to watch. There was the prerequisite shooting for any western, but no unnecessary blood and gore just for the sake of making a film seem "more adult." A few mild kisses were about it for sex scenes.

Cons: I wish directors would give a little more thought in to making their westerns more realistic. Out in the middle of the prairie riding in a dusty stagecoach is the hottest chick in the west looking like she just walked out of the beautiful parlor, Hair perfect, sporting the latest shade of lipstick and dressed ready to attend the London opera. Really!!

Apparently, the horses don't have to eat because while the bad hombres were sleeping all night, they left all their horses tied up just outside the house, oh...with the saddles still on! Come on you professional movie makers, you have got to think of these things.

I'll rate it a 6. It wasn't done to win awards, but be sort of fluffy, light entertainment.

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