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Blade Runner 2049


Action / Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Ana de Armas Photo
Ana de Armas as Joi
Jared Leto Photo
Jared Leto as Niander Wallace
Sylvia Hoeks Photo
Sylvia Hoeks as Luv
Ryan Gosling Photo
Ryan Gosling as 'K'
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp9 / 10

Slow and beautiful

I guess if the producers wanted to make another Blade Runner, they totally succeeded - at least so far. As with the original Blade Runner the visuals are the ones that people will refer to when it comes to this movie. And it's not just because of the Academy Awards. You can tell all by yourself and I reckon even without having seen it on an IMAX screen (though I would have recommended it and still am).

Having said all that, the movie has also the same irritating feeling about it, that the original Blade Runner had. So in almost every aspect it is a successor to it. Story wise obviously too, though I guess this one has a couple of shorts that play before this movie, that are supposed to get you in the mood. They are not necessary to watch, but they are also very well made. This movie is an experience and it is one you have to be willing to make.

While it does have some action scenes, while it is Science Fiction, it does play more like a slow moving drama with a lot of mystery elements to it. If that sounds intriguing to you, with some added social commentary flavor, than by all means watch it. But beware that you have to have patience with it ...

Reviewed by Xstal8 / 10

Another Drenched & Decrepit Dystopia...

It's our memories that make us, the feelings and emotions that just take us, to places far beyond our reach, the things our teachers could not teach, that make us exactly what we are, as we travel from near and far, through dystopian imaginings, to our greatest conjurings...

Oozing metaphors from almost every pore, the dreams of unicorns lay behind several locked doors.

Reviewed by benjaminwest-2429 / 10

A great sequel

Blade Runner 2049 is a fascinating movie and one of the rare sequels that outdoes the original. The cast performs great, fulfilling each role wonderfully. Gosling particularly stands out in the lead, providing the perfect balance of emotion and physicality, both of which are entirely convincing. With its thoughtful, yet not slow pacing, the story is able to come together in a way that clearly conveys every character and their motivations. The writers also gave great consideration to the relationships between various roles, displayed in the genuine interactions that take place all throughout. In turn, the emotional depth is very resonant and forces the audience to truly care about each protagonist. Altogether, the plot line feels very personal, while also focusing on a large scale thematically. The appointed central idea is a natural pick up from where the first picture left off, too. Some components of the third act may not quite entirely come together, but the story absolutely works in both developing such an impactful theme and delivering a satisfactory end to the lead's journey. In fact, the arc of this main character beautifully encapsulates the theme itself. In support of these ideas, the production is spectacular. There are various cinematic shots, and the editing is fantastic in pair with solid direction. Most notable are the visual effects that are often astounding, outmatching the capabilities of its predecessor by a landslide. The action present is beyond thrilling, as well. Just as fitting is the score and sound, which match each scene with much success. Overall, Blade Runner 2049 is an all-around awesome picture and absolutely worth a watch, especially for its outstanding visuals, great characters, and simply intriguing premise.

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