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Bless the Child


Crime / Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Rufus Sewell Photo
Rufus Sewell as Eric Stark
Christina Ricci Photo
Christina Ricci as Cheri
Kim Basinger Photo
Kim Basinger as Maggie O'Connor
Jimmy Smits Photo
Jimmy Smits as John Travis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Darkest_Rose8 / 10

A Good Supernatural Thriller

Maggie( Kim Basinger) is a lonely woman without a family and on one rainy day, she suddenly finds her sister jenna( Angela Bettis) who she hasn't seen in two years at her doorstep with a baby. Jenna is to worn out and can't lay off the drugs she's been using so she runs away and leaves Maggie with her baby. As slowly the years pass by, it seems that cody (Holliston Coleman) suffers from some kind of autism. Her disorder is hard to explain but it is bluntly obvious that Cody isn't like ordinary children. Meanwhile, in the neighbourhood are some horrible murders going around. Kids are being found dead in a gruesome ritual where they all have the same satanic symbol burned on their bodys. No one can explain who is doing this but when Cody becomes a target for these murders, Maggie will do anything to save her niece. I enjoyed this movie, i think the acting was very good, especially by Kim Basinger and Angela Bettis. My favorite actress Christina Ricci had only a very small part in this movie but I still enjoyed seeing her. I would give Bless The Child 8/10

Reviewed by MarieGabrielle5 / 10

Not the worst, but....

This film could have been a lot better. The audience deserves more, and we DO see when Hollywood repeats a trend, and repeats and repeats. For example "Stir of Echoes", "Stigmata"", "The Blair Witch Project". Each of these films came out around the same time. Similar themes(too similar) some better than others because of decent performances.

The problem is, these films become redundant and audiences gradually lose interest. Kim Basinger delivers a decent performance, as does Angela Bettis as drug-addicted, cult member sister.

The story however, becomes too familiar, and we lose interest. The ending was too formulaic. Overall this is not something you would be happy about if you paid to see it in the theater. Okay as rental though. 5/10.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-18 / 10

Suspense And Shock

Wow, this is a rarity: a modern-day film in which the Christians (mostly nuns in this story) are the "good guys" and the New Age advocates are the devil-like "bad guys." That really annoys all the secular critics, which means about 99 percent of them.

Rufus Sewell plays a Satan-worshiping cult leader who tries to kidnap young Holliston Coleman, someone with special healing powers. Kim Basinger, in an unusual wholesome low-key role, plays the aunt-turned-parent/guardian of the kid.

There is some very good suspense here, especially at the end and some shocking horror scenes of violence. "Shocking" not just because of what happened but the film was so family-oriented up until then. Overall, though, a decent story and a good message. Even though I liked it, it wouldn't a film I would watch multiple times, although a second look is likely.

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