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Bobbi Jo: Under the Influence


Biography / Documentary

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Reviewed by tas-1475110 / 10

Life-Changing Film Experience. Bringing hope to the hopeless

This is a must see film for any one who has been touched by addiction, alcoholism, despair, hopelessness and for those searching for a way to feel purpose in their lives. Watching this incredible documentary, so beautifully filmed & edited, I was touched to the depths of my soul. It was so inspiring and motivating for me to see the power of healing transformation and the ripple effect Bobbi Jo Reed had on others. For those searching to connect with purpose in a meaningful way, watch this movie & see the impossible become possible. What's the purpose of our lives? Bobbi Jo Reed shows us that by having the courage and desperation to face our inner demons to heal we are called to reach out to someone who is suffering and share our miracle and support until they can find their own.

Reviewed by realreviewrva2 / 10

The message I got was ..

If i come up with a cock n bull story, like bobbi jo did.. that my head was repeatedly smashed into concrete by every man I've known.. raped, beaten, beaten so severely head smashed into walls and doors.. let me tell you something if somebody smashes your head into concrete you're not going to live to tell. Maybe Bobby Jo's made up stories ( that nobody was aware of or witnessed at the time including her family) of repeated beatings in the head .. hit a heart string with some people it just rings out of snake oil to me.. and obviously her snake oil did her well I don't know how you go from being a Street person with extensive brain damage to being a shrewd financial businesswoman who's able to take out loans and rehab homes that easily get into hundreds of thousand dollars... Nothing about her family indicated any kind of dysfunction as I know it.. her brother seem very well adapted polite men and her father was a police officer and she still found a way to depict her childhood as disadvantaged..typical whiney white woman.. I don't believe for one minute half the story she says happened to her.

I worked an operating room for 20 years nobody gets their head smashed into the sidewalk or gets a boot to their head and gets up walking and functioning again Obviously her abuse, if there ever was any, was not asas she describes. Where's the mutilation scars? Her arms her face her chest everything looks fine we're supposedly she took all the beatings.

Anyway it just angers me that the public falls for this kind of stuff this is not how reality works.. woman was entitled already and she is furthering her entitlement by creating sob stories that never existed.. her photos from the time she was supposedly being abused of her dressed up and looking perfectly healthy and happy, not a frightened abused bloody mess as she'd have you believe.

Im not buying it.

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