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Born to Raise Hell


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Steven Seagal as Robert 'Bobby' Samuels
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Mike Dopud as Biker #1
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hellmant5 / 10

Born to make the same movie over and over again.

'BORN TO RAISE HELL': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Another generic Steven Seagal action film, in this one he plays an Interpol agent caught in the middle of a Russian and Gypsy street gang war in Eastern Europe. Seagal also wrote the script while veteran stuntman and actor Lauro Chartrand makes his directorial debut. Another up and coming martial arts star Darren Shahlavi co-stars as the movie's villain. The action scenes are decent but the story is tired and dull. If you're an action junkie and or Seagal fan you probably won't be disappointed though.

Seagal stars as Samuel Axel, an Interpol agent recently put on assignment in Eastern Europe. He's also breaking in a new partner, a rookie named Steve (D. Neil Mark) who's also expecting a child. The two are a part of a special task force investigating gun and dope smugglers in the Balkans. Their prime interests are a Gypsy gang leader named Costel (Shahlavi) and a Russian gang leader called Dimitri (Dan Badarau, who shares a striking resemblance with Marlon Brando). When things get messy Axel is forced to resort to unconventional measures in order to get the job done.

Like I said Seagal is credited for writing the script but it's basically just parts of a dozen other movies pieced together. The story is irrelevant and about as forgettable as they come. The action scenes are entertaining none the less. A much better fight scene could have been choreographed between Seagal and Shahlavi though. What we get is routine and could have been filmed with anyone opposite Seagal. What a waste of talent! Still the movie was made for just $10 million and say what you will about Seagal's career but his movies continue to be profitable successes. This is just one of many that will soon blur in with all the others but during the 90 minutes I spent watching it it was mildly entertaining.

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Reviewed by Someguysomwhere5 / 10

Drug task force guy shoots, kicks, punches, and chops his way through drug peddlers.

Steven Seagal plays a member of an international drug task force located in Romania. The movie develops a clear direction when a guy he captures on a routine drug bust makes a deal with him and tells him about a sadistic and somewhat psychotic drug dealer named Costel who finances his buys by breaking and entering the houses of young rich couples whom he has some sort of deep resentment for. As well, he tells him about the gangster Costel is doing business with; a man named Dimitri. Seagal's character tries to bring them to justice as an antagonistic relationship escalates between the two men.

Seagal, with some kind of cowboy accent, I dunno, unnaturally black hair, and barrel-chested, is still frisky; still breaking any body part you're stupid enough to throw at him. I thought the movie was a solid action film and worth watching if you like shoot 'em ups. I've always thought that Seagal (and some other action stars of the like) practiced a kind of "slight-of-hand martial arts" aided by camera angles and editing. You really don't see what happens, just some hand movements and/or foot movements that may or may not have made sense and then the bad guy crashes to the floor. I'm pleased to say that there were some clear exchanges in this movie.

For anybody who cares: In my mind this movie is a "guy film". Seagal wrote in a sweet young thing for himself (And who can fault him? Ahhh, the perks of being both actor and writer) but her role was not that significant. The most time they spent on the screen together was maybe "5 minutes" ---if that. They talked a little about their relationship; how work was coming between them, or something like that. I dunno. I might have nodded off. Then after that "supposedly" they made love. There was some fading in and out of images; a hand here, a hand there. She was partially clothed and he was fully dressed (ready for action, I guess, but not that kind). Then after that we never see her again. The scene seemed almost obligatory.

Now if it were me, and I was both actor and writer, I would have written in a prolonged love scene with this charming girl (life is too short folks, opportunities must be seized). I would have shown that I was not only good with my fists, but also with my----. Well, I'm boring you. Sorry. Boloxxxi out. Love.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca4 / 10

Great title for below par film

Another ill-distinguished action odyssey from big man Seagal, in which an age-old storyline involving rival gangs of gangsters and one dedicated cop is spoiled by dumbass direction and some of the worst editing you'll ever witness. Yes, it's another low rent movie in which a great deal of could-have-been-good action scenes are spoiled by dizzyingly bad, sea-sickening cutting.

Seagal has more of a hand in this than usual, having written and produced as well as starred (although, as is the norm for the actor these days, sometimes the hand isn't his own: the body and voice doubles are back in force). This time around he's an imported American cop, wearing a flak jacket and leading a police squad through some grimy streets in scenes probably inspired by his own TV show, STEVEN SEAGAL: LAWMAN. Along the way he contends with Brando-lookalike Russian mafia man Dimitri and a particularly vicious rapist/murderer gypsy.

The supporting cast and locales are entirely Romanian, and a great deal of scenes take place in strip joints where women parade around in their next-to-nothings and Seagal glowers at anyone who comes close. There are the requisite goons to be dealt with, along with walking clichés (the partner who finds out he's about to become a dad) and a 20 year-old girlfriend who awkwardly frolics with the star in the sack at one stage. Not a good look, man.

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