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Robert Downey Jr. Photo
Robert Downey Jr. as Jerry Renfro
Steve Martin Photo
Steve Martin as Bowfinger
Eddie Murphy Photo
Eddie Murphy as Kit Ramsey / Jiff Ramsey
Heather Graham Photo
Heather Graham as Daisy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer9 / 10

I don't understand why this movie isn't seen as a GREAT comedy

Very few people went to see Bowfinger. It was a big surprise because it starred BOTH Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin and both are playing their "A game". Maybe those who went to see it expected something very different from what they got. After all, the plot was a little complicated, there were no explosions and there were no exposed breasts (all the elements NECESSARY to make most comedies succeed).

Bowfinger is a man who is the modern equivalent of 50s schlock-meister Ed Wood. He tries very hard to convince those around him that he IS a big-time movie producer and director but his films are actually substantially worse than those produced by Troma Films. Amazingly enough he actually convinces many would-be actors to join him in making a sci-fi alien flick starring the totally insane Kit Ramsey (hillariously played by Murphy). The only problem is, Ramsey does NOT know anything about this--and then the FUN starts!!!

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird9 / 10

A huge surprise.... wonderful film and very underrated

I will say right now, I do like Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy, both have done some stinkers(ie. Bringing Down the House for Martin and Norbit for Murphy) but they have also done some treasures(ie. Planes Trains and Automobiles and Beverly Hills Cop respectively). Bowfinger is one of the treasures, it is a truly wonderful and spot-on satire. And it does sadden me how underrated Bowfinger is. I personally felt it could have done with being longer, if that is a minor offering of a complaint, but everything else works. The dialogue constantly sparkles, it is funny and witty, and the story never fails to engage. The film looks great too, and the chemistry between the actors sizzles as does Frank Oz's direction. Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy both give wonderful performances(both men actually give a performance that is among their better ones) and are immensely engaging together while Heather Graham is also surprisingly good. In conclusion, wonderful and I think underrated. It is for me very funny and is effortlessly performed. 9/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle8 / 10

great Hollywood satire

Bobby Bowfinger (Steve Martin) is a Z-list producer who lies, steals and schemes to make a movie out of a script written by his accountant. He gets A-list Hollywood producer Jerry Renfro to greenlight the script if he could get superstar Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy) to do the movie. Kit kicks Bobby out of his car but Bobby promises his crew that Kit agrees to do the movie. His idea is to shoot the movie without telling Kit. Soon his actors are approaching Kit on the street with strange dialog. He hires hungry newcomer Daisy (Heather Graham),actress Carol (Christine Baranski),Kit lookalike Jiff (Eddie Murphy) who turns out to be Kit's brother and the cheapest crew possible. Kit is a crazed narcissist who finds counsel from Mindhead leader Terry Stricter (Terence Stamp). When actors keep approaching him with weird dialog, he starts to suspect that aliens are really after him.

This is simply a brilliant satire. Bowfinger is sleazy but with a heart. He just wants so badly to make a movie. Steve Martin is such a charming lead. I love Daisy sleeping her way up the Hollywood ladder. This is two of Eddie Murphy's best performances. The movie is hilarious. Every other scene hits it with big laughs.

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