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Breakin' All the Rules


Comedy / Romance

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Jennifer Esposito Photo
Jennifer Esposito as Rita Monroe
Jamie Foxx Photo
Jamie Foxx as Quincy Watson
Gabrielle Union Photo
Gabrielle Union as Nicky Callas
Octavia Spencer Photo
Octavia Spencer as Stylist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jotix1005 / 10

Dumping a lover is hard to do

"Breaking all the Rules" looked promising just by having the talented Jamie Foxx in the lead role. As it plays on the screen, this comedy, directed by Daniel Tablitz, who also wrote the screen play, seems to have been produced on the strength of its star, or maybe someone in the studio decided that making it with a mostly black cast, had possibilities. This comedy could have been played by any cast of any color without making any dent in the genre.

The basic problem is the screen play. Do we care about these people? I don't think so. The running gag about Nicky resembling Halle Berry runs tired after the second time it's mentioned. Even the book that Quincy writes makes no sense.

Jamie Foxx is about the only pretext for spending almost an hour and a half with this film. He is an interesting performer no matter what he is doing. The beautiful Gabrielle Union is fine as Nicky, but there is no heat between Quincy and her. The rest of the cast struggles to make this comedy succeed.

Watch it at your own risk.

Reviewed by jemswan12310 / 10

Great Film!!

I loved this film. and guess what I am white! most people seem to feel the film is racist.. i don't see it myself.. Jamie Fox is so funny and i love the love triangles in the film. there's slight confusion in a few parts of the film tho that still confuse me. I like the girl actress. Jamie Foxx's best mate was a little tiresome, but i loved the humour. in this film. i loved the soundtrack too. Id be interested in buying this on DVD and watching it again as it was an A Class film!! i though this film would be "typical black comedy" but it proved me totally wrong. I want the soundtrack too as some of the songs were amazing. Also the female singer in the 2nd club scene was amazing, if she isn't a real singer she should be. She has an amazing voice. My favourite part of the film.. well i don't know its all really funny stuff. I watched it with my boyfriend, he agreed on the soundtrack and the humour. I would recommend this film to all ages. Excellent !! * Highly ReccommendS*

Reviewed by edwagreen4 / 10

It Breaks All the Rules for Good Film Making **

When the girl that he wants to marry dumps him, Jamie Foxx is inspired to write a handbook for men in how to go about breaking up with women. The book becomes a best seller; unfortunately, the picture is not.

The picture, though funny at times, becomes a farce where the 3 guys fall for each other's women. You know that eventually there will be a scene where the 3 will meet, especially when one of the guys is the boss of the firm where the other 2 work.

These pictures of mistaken identity work only to a point and that point is reached earlier in the film.

One of the songs singing about a preacher and teacher is absolutely ridiculous.

There are some funny sequences, especially with one of the girls and an old man at a rehabilitation center, but you can only go far with that.

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