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Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey


Action / Biography / Documentary

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by InzyWimzy10 / 10

Amazing story of the Legend of Bruce Lee

Man, I was shell shocked. I actually saw this on AMC for the first time and was blown away by the in-depth interviews with Bruce, not to mention his spectacular demonstrations. John Little gets big credit for putting this masterpiece together.

I got so much more information about Bruce from this one. You really get to see him as a person, how his beliefs shaped Jeet Kun Do and how he applied it to life in general. Hearing Bruce speak shows how intelligent and philosophical he was, humble, very down to earth....a very likeable guy. It's such a shame to think what potential he would have had if he hadn't died in 1973. Hearing everyone from Linda to Kareem and others speak about him show what an impact he had on others...and not just kung fu. I had known that he defied tradition by teaching "anyone" kung fu and this shows Bruce was a great man. His belief in the "way" and "no limitation as limitation" is really thought provoking as well.

The creme de la creme was the hidden footage from Game of Death they discovered. Bruce's vision and his philosophy on what the different levels represented just made me respect him moreso. Plus, the outtakes of various fight scenes from his film shows his hard work ethic and determination in getting the scene down pat.

Overall, I've been a big fan of Bruce Lee since I wore Osh Kosh an this made me admire him so much more. To anyone who wants to learn about Bruce, watch this one. To all his fans, I don't need to tell you what a gem "A Warrior's Journey" is.

Reviewed by mstomaso8 / 10

Be water, my friend.

This is a touching and compelling portrait of the legendary martial artist, humanist, entertainer and philosopher, Bruce Lee.

While interested in Lee, and entertained by his films, I have never considered myself a fan. Produced with love and care, A Warrior's Journey has helped rekindle my interest in a man whose timeless messages, and amazing physicality were lost to the world as I was growing up.

This documentary is less comprehensive than a biopic, as it really does not cover all of Mr. Lee's too-short life. Rather, it is a film essay concerning his importance as a cultural icon and his unique melding of intensely personal quasi-taoist philosophy with the practice of martial art. If you've ever wondered what the "big fuss" concerning Bruce Lee is, this film is the right choice. Interviews with Lee's friends, students and family are carefully woven together with a well-written voice-over narrative, interviews with Lee, and the ever-intense fight footage from several of Lee's films. Particularly interesting are the articulate comments of his friend and student, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, and Linda, his wife.

An added bonus, worth more than the cost of the DVD, is the complete remaining footage of Lee's last major project "The Game of Death", featuring some of the most interesting physical acting and clever martial arts photography I have ever seen.

I did not expect much from this film, but was surprised to find that once I got it rolling, I could not take my eyes off the screen.

Reviewed by LivingDog10 / 10

Bruce Lee Accurate History

I always saw Bruce Lee as an enigma. This movie lays that feeling 100% flat to rest. It is so well done I was glued to the set even though all they show are clips and the remaining scenes to Lee's last movie: "Game of Death."

The scenes in "GoD" are very well-done even for a marginal MA fan like me. However, the pauses were too long, but Lee's mastery made it worth waiting to see his moves. The scene with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (the last recorded piece) was better in the later part of the fight and even turned convincing.

John Little did an excellent job of directing this documentary. He allowed first hand witnesses to speak freely. It is clear from the start of the film that it was made as a reverence to Mr. Lee - a world class person and martial arts master. A sadness permeates this movie because you feel that Bruce Lee was taken way too early.

  • Zafoid

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