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Burning Days

2022 [TURKISH]

Drama / Thriller

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Ekin Koç Photo
Ekin Koç as Murat
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kimyager1010 / 10

The most successful Turkish movie of recent years

In a barren time when Turkish cinema was caught between Nuri Bilge Ceylan-style situational films and unsuccessful comedy films, Emin Alper's work was quite special. He not only delivers the message he wants to convey in a striking and serious style, but also preserves the element of tension until the last moment. In addition to the harmony of the geography of the story with the color palette, the camera angles are generally successful. The leading actors, Selahattin Pasali and Ekin Koc did a pretty good job. The tension between them disturbing certain groups in Turkey also reveals the topicality of the film's content.

I enjoyed watching it very much and I found it quite successful artistically. Hope to see more movies of this quality in Turkish cinema.

Reviewed by almiramert10 / 10

A togetherness of aesthetics and politics

Emin Alper's fourth cinematic marvel not only aptly describes the Turkish societal and political contemporary condition in a peculiar cinematographic style, but it beautifully teases that condition. Burning Days is both politically realistic and artistically pleasing. At the end of the film, you remain at your theatre seat with a feeling of being understood, a feeling, which is accompanied by an emotion of a kind of indescribable joy. This is a very clever and striking work of art, which is full of wit, irony, and sarcasm. Scenario is quite impressive with little shortcomings, and cinematography, art direction, and music are particularly strong. And, in terms of casting, Selahattin Pasali and Ekin Koc wonderfully express their characters, while supporting actors are very impressive in their performances (especially Erdem Senocak, who plays Kemal).

Reviewed by lyselvaz8 / 10

Kept me on the edge of my seat

There's alot of nuances and layers to this film, playing with different genres and themes. And honestly, that's what I love about it. It's explores a variety of topics, yet it all comes together to point to the fundamental issue of the cracks and sinkhole of a society, quite literally, and how the outsider or individual feels the odds stacked against them when power is at play. Even the protagonist, we see him deal with his own internal desires and conflict of trying to do his job and be a figure of authority while also not being able to do much in a corrupt, conservative society. Loved it!!!!

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