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Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam


Action / Comedy / Family / Music / Musical / Romance

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Chloe Bridges Photo
Chloe Bridges as Dana Turner
Alyson Stoner Photo
Alyson Stoner as Caitlyn Geller
Demi Lovato Photo
Demi Lovato as Mitchie Torres
Nick Jonas Photo
Nick Jonas as Nate Gray
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brookenichole-980548 / 10

The music in this is gold!

I absolutely adore the music in this movie way more than the first one. The songs are just catchy and hold so much emotion. Camp Star was clearly better than Camp Rock but Camp Rock definitely had some amazing songs. The Jonas Brothers were really funny and sweet this time around. I loved that Shane (Joe Jonas) let go more in this one. Nick and Kevin were great and made me smile throughout. Mitchie's character could have been thought out more thoroughly. I wish she would've not been so rude to Shane. However, I do think she made up for that. The story was not as great as the first yet still held up. Overall, this movie is definitely worth it for the choreography, songs, and acting. It will put a smile on your face.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle4 / 10

final jam

Everybody is back to camp. The girls are now friends. The Jonas Brothers bus falls into the water and they arrive with the chickens. Star Records owner Axel Turner has opened high intensity Camp Star opposite Camp Rock and stole most of their staff. The kids volunteer to be camp counsellors. Tess joins Camp Star as one of its leading performers. Mitchie accepts a challenge from Camp Star in a televised competition.

As a sequel to a moderately successful Disney movie, this does what it's supposed to do. It has a bigger villain. The performances are bigger. It's bigger but less. The only aspect I like is them being camp counsellors. That's the natural progression that this sequel should embrace from the start. Everybody including Tess could return as counsellors to a new crop of rugrats. Disney has plenty of them. Tess could be forced to go by her mother. I keep picturing Wet Hot American Summer. It would certainly be less raunchy but it could have been fun. This is not fun. This is far from fun. I don't understand the perceived danger from the competition. They're going on TV and it can't hurt. Win, lose, or draw. They get their faces on TV. The lack of danger takes away the stakes. The trick is for the losing camp to close up shop as part of the bet. It's good that this is the final jam.

Reviewed by kaylajbrannon8 / 10

How can you give a bad rating to something you've never seen???

I read through quite a few reviews. More than that even. & it amazes me that someone can give a review on something that they themselves admitted to never seeing in their own can't judge something if you haven't actually seen it.

This movie is a Disney channel movie. Plain & simple. It follow all the Disney channel rules. It's a high school musical type movie. I, personally, loved both films. They're not for everyone. But I won't stand for someone giving a 1 star review of a movie that they admitted in their review to never having seen. That should automatically be grounds for deletion. Your bad review, especially considering you gave it 1 star, tanks the whole rating of the movie. Just Bc you had to put your worthless 2 cents in on a movie you never saw. Take the movie for what it is. & nothing more. It wasn't in theaters. So you shouldn't expect a big deal like that out of it. It's geared towards kids. Let it be that. Don't down it Bc that's what it is.

Also...I personally love me some Jonas brothers & Demi Lovato. & I was & still am a fan of this movie & the previous movie.

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