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Careless Crime

2020 [PERSIAN]

Crime / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mahdimax20109 / 10

Beautiful and careful

Careless crime is a step forward for the director Shahram Mokri towards storytelling cinema. It revolves around a controversial tragic event in Iranian modern history and at the same time pays tribute to Iranian art and cinema. Similar to his previous works, the movie starts with a realistic setting in current Iran and points out multiple social and political references, but gradually loses its realism foundations by traversing through time, connected narratives, and time loops. The movie not only shows off Mokri's technical trickery but also manages to keep a deep meaningful connection to social matters in Iran and the middle east. Although the story behind the movie is known and vicious, careless crime suggests the actual winner is always love and cinema.

Reviewed by setayeshjamalii10 / 10

It's so underrated

The story is mixed with a real history in Iran.

In the past a theater called( Rex) in abadan got burned with 457 people in the salon while they were watching a movie named ( the dears ) .as you see in the movie it was on purpose and killers were so careless that they left a lot of clues . It was a horrible and shameful.

I love the ending. When katbali was about to burn the theater like Rex, those two girls from the careless crime in mountain sended him a message contained: don't burn the soheyla theater like Rex.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies6 / 10

So many paths

Inspired by the Cinema Rex fire in 1978 that triggered the Iranian Revolution, this movie follows three different paths: arsonists planning the fire, the students at the cinema interacting with the employees of the theater and the characters on the screen of the movie that played that night. The crime that was committed that night was so horrible that it literally burns through the reality that unites these three storylines.

The night Cinema Rex burned -- one of the biggest terrorist attacks in Iran for decades -- The Deer was playing. Two women attempt to play that same film in the desert in another storyline as they come across soldiers who have discovered an unexploded munition from another conflict in the past.

The theme of carelessness is carried through by so many in this, as many of the terrorists believed that the audience would just rush out and be unharmed and their message would be heard. Yet the theater manager oversold tickets to the show and his greed is just as responsible for the deaths.

This is a movie that is historical beyond true crime while also telling of the world of film. It may get repetitive and a little long at two hours and twenty minutes, but wow, those last twenty minutes make up for it. You won't just know about what happened. You will feel it.

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