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Carry on Constable



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Joan Sims Photo
Joan Sims as WPC. Gloria Passworthy
Kenneth Williams Photo
Kenneth Williams as PC Stanley Benson
Hattie Jacques Photo
Hattie Jacques as Sgt. Laura Moon
Charles Hawtrey Photo
Charles Hawtrey as PC Timothy Gorse
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lastliberal7 / 10

I could certainly use a copper!

Joan Sims (The Last of the Blonde Bombshells) the gym teacher in Carry On teacher is here as a constable. Just out of the Academy and wanting to do a good job. Unfortunately, she has caught the eye of a fellow copper.

Shirley Eaton from Goldfinger is also here looking as good as ever.

The usual antics and sight gags with the normal Carry On gang; only this time in a police station. Bonus nudity that has not been in any of the other ones I have seen. Sorry, it bare butts on guys running to the shower.

It is kind of cute, even if the formula stays pretty much the same, just in different locations.

Reviewed by petersj-27 / 10

I remember her...

The wonderful thing about watching some of these lovely early Carry ON movies is the small cameos of wonderful British actors. Some were never really house hold names but the thing is that every time they appeared in a movie they would light up and bring something very special to even the most mediocre movies. Esma Cannon as a deaf old woman in this movie is a superb example. This lovely actress always added something very special to every film she was in and after reading the biog on IMDb she had what looks like an incredibly impressive career. Joan Hickson just about steals the film as the tipsy lady fond of a tickle of booze. She is absolutely fabulous. We all know in later years she played a very understated Miss Marple but in this movie you see her at her glorious best.The great Irene Handl is there too and she lifted every film she was in. Miss Handl came to Australia to star in Goodnight Mrs Puffin and BusyBody. She was a brilliant actress but few would know who she was by name. Sid James is less tacky in this movie and I really enjoyed him in this. Kenneth Connor is still rather annoying and I still find him the weak link. I wonder if the shower scene in this film is the first time we saw some bum in a movie. Its very brief. The Hawtrey and Williams drag scene when they go under cover is delightful. Hawtrey remains my personal favourite, he was indeed camper in this than the early ones. Hatti Jaques and Joan Sims are wonderful as always. Hatti is becoming my favourite apart from Hawtrey. It is interesting to see Sid James before they made his characters tackier and tackier. I found this a very pleasant little romp, I cant say I really laughed but I did enjoy it The production values considering the budget in these films was very impressive. For me its the small cameos I loved the most.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird8 / 10

Sid James makes his Carry on debut in this enjoyable entry

I enjoy the Carry on movies, they are entertaining, cheeky and witty and make my day when I need it. While a tad too short and rather basic and cookie-cutter in the story structure, this fourth entry known as Carry on Constable is an enjoyable one and lifted by the Carry on debut of regular Sid James, and he is funny as always. The rest of the cast are rock solid as well with Kenneth Williams and Joan Sims especially standing out. The writing is cheeky in alternative to smutty, a trait that plagued some of the later entries, and while not the original on the block the gags are equally amusing. The film looks good too with nice locations and the like, musically it is quite quirky and it is snappily directed. Overall, very enjoyable. 8/10 Bethany Cox

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