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Carry on Sergeant


Comedy / War

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Shirley Eaton Photo
Shirley Eaton as Mary Sage
Kenneth Williams Photo
Kenneth Williams as James Bailey
Hattie Jacques Photo
Hattie Jacques as Captain Clark
Charles Hawtrey Photo
Charles Hawtrey as Peter Golightly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bondek10 / 10

As you were, sergeant

I have liked this movie since I was at least eight and that's been twelve years and still I like it. As a kid I liked most of the Carry On films but now have become browned off by the majority except for Sergeant. Sergeant is a heart-warming tale featuring William Hartnell -the first Doctor Who and with excellent bit roles such as in The Yangste Incident and his last platoon. It features some of the well known Carry On faces such as Terry Scott and Kenneth Connor who is my favourite in this one as Private Strong. Excellent lines that still make me laugh and scenes that do likewise. Also starring the late great legend that was Bob Monkhouse. This is in my opinion the greatest of the Carry On movies and right up there with comedies of the time such as Doctor in the House, Wrong Arm of the Law and The League of Gentlemen.

Reviewed by Bunuel19766 / 10

CARRY ON SERGEANT (Gerald Thomas, 1958) **1/2

The first "Carry On" is not among the best: it's an all-too-typical army comedy, albeit an agreeable one. William Hartnell stars as a Sergeant about to retire but who has yet to win a contest for leading his barracks' finest platoon, so he determines to achieve just this with his last batch of recruits – unfortunately for him, these include Kenneth Connor, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Bob Monkhouse, Terence Longdon and Norman Rossington (actually, such a dumb subject that he's been rejected by several previous outfits and has been stranded in the camp ever since)! As can be seen, this same plot would eventually be worked into two later series outings – CARRY ON TEACHER (1959),down to the sentimental ending, and CARRY ON, CONSTABLE (1960),with Eric Barker once again as the disciplinarian but flustered Captain.

Shirley Eaton provides the eye-candy as Monkhouse's fresh bride, who contrives to get a job in the barracks' kitchen in order to be near him; her companion, ugly-duckling Dora Bryan, has set her eyes on hypochondriac Connor (who is forever appearing before medical officer Hattie Jacques with some mysterious ailment or other, until she decides to have him undertake a thorough test by several specialists so as to declare him physically fit once and for all!). Hawtrey is typically bumbling; Williams scores best as a smug, know-it-all recruit (he plays it quite straight and, again, variations of this were seen in CARRY ON NURSE [1959] and CARRY ON, CONSTABLE). Needless to say, once the boys realize what the outcome of their training would mean for the long-suffering Hartnell, they put their best foot forward to send him home with his well-deserved prize in tow.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird8 / 10

The first of a great comedy series

I really like the Carry On movies in general. Later on, the humour did get smutty and then when regulars left or died the series went downhill faster than you could say "bob's your uncle". Carry on Sergeant holds the honour of being the first of the series, and in my mind it is one of the better ones, even with the too-short length and occasionally lacking story. I do think though it looks good, the film is very efficiently directed, the film goes at a fine pace and the music is nice and quirky. The script and cast are what make this entry work. The script is great, it is still very funny but its tone is gentler and I liked that. A lot of the early Carry Ons had this gentle humour, and it is a tone I kind of prefer actually. The cast once again give it their all, not just William Hartnell and Bob Monkhouse who are splendid, but also sterling support from regulars Kenneth Connor, Kenneth Williams(a smarmy know-it-all here),Hattie Jacques and Charles Hawtrey. Overall, a very entertaining and re-watchable entry and a solid debut. 8/10 Bethany Cox

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