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Cat's Eye


Action / Comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbborroughs6 / 10

Cute girls in cat suits take on a Chinese gang in order to free their kidnapped father. Good movie falters after dynamite first 15 minutes

Cat's Eye is a trio of girls who are cat burglars. They wear cat suits similar to Michelle Pfieffer in Batman returns and use a variety of gadgets like the Caped Crusader himself. Here the girls are forced to take on both the police and a Chinese crime organization in order to free their father (who many believed was dead).

Live action adaptation of a comic is, in its set pieces, very close to the top of the pile of comics on film. The opening sequence for example (which begins animated),the girls steal a painting that their father had done years before is pure bliss and joy for anyone who likes well done action sequences. Later action sequences match the manic, lets have a good time quality the film begins with and its during those wonderful sequences that the film is a joy to behold.

Unfortunately the plot and dialog get in the way slowing the film way down. At first the dialog scenes are okay as everything is put into motion but after a while it seems there is too much talk, too many twists too much weirdness and not enough action. Despite the bursts of great action my attention began to wander.

Certainly not a bad movie, its simply not the great movie that the first 15 minutes promised (6 out of 10 rating is due to that). Worth a bag of popcorn and a soda if you're an action fan (worth more if you like to watch cute girls in tight cat suits beating up bad guys). Its a rental preferably with a second feature for a full nights entertainment.

Reviewed by Rooster993 / 10

Japan's Charlie's Angels 2

Both Charlie's Angels 2 (CA2) and Cat's Eye are more or less the same film; 3 babes run around performing ridiculous stunts, following an incredibly lame and boring plot, and finishing off with atrocious dialog. Neither film has anything going for it, except of course they star 3 attractive women in tight outfits. Both films are so incredibly stupid it boggles the imagination. At least Cat's Eye has the defense that it was based on a comic book, CA2 was simply stupid in its own right.

The effects in this film are terrible, and the action sequences are even worse. At one point, the 3 girls are getting away from the police in a custom car when they have to split apart into 3 powered scooters (hey, it's a comic book movie). The policeman chasing them is stopped in his car, and pulls out a rickety bicycle. Despite the girls traveling at 100 KM/hour, the next scene shows the cop about 3 meters behind them riding his bike. Then he Inspector Clouseau falls, and pulls out a skateboard. The girls are still speeding away at 100 KM/hour, but suddenly his skateboard is miraculously going twice their speed and he is again right on their tail. The effects during this sequence must have been created on the original Commodore 64 because they are simply brutal. The gross similarities here between the ridiculous action sequences in CA2 and this film are obvious. CA2 just had a higher budget, so the effects aren't as bad, but both films obviously ran out of budget when it came time for a plot, script, or storyline.

Terrible. 3 out of 10, one for each of the 3 women in cat suits because this film had absolutely nothing else going for it.

Reviewed by jmaruyama3 / 10

Sleek and Cool but Anime Series Was Better

Kaizo Hayashi's CAT'S EYE is a very hip and cool looking film. Based on Hojo Tsukasa's popular 80's manga (comic) series, CAT'S EYE is the story of a trio of beautiful sisters who lead a normal life by day and become Tokyo's most notorious cat burglars at night. Being a huge fan of the manga series and of the subsequent animated series, I was looking forward to this big budget take on the series. CAT'S EYE the movie takes the basic concept but fails to live up to the source material. The casting is superb, you couldn't get a better cast. The trio of Norika Fujiwara (Rui),Izumi Inamori (Hitomi) and Yuki Uchida (Ai) definitely fit the roles and PVC costumes well. And what costumes they wear! Unfortunately the story is a total mess. The original story is tossed away and instead we are presented with a James Bond inspired ripoff complete with a mysterious crime syndicate/evil organization and their `Dragon Lady' leader played with hammy delight by Taiwanese actress Jiang Wenli. Ninja Master, Sho Kosugi's son Kane Kosugi appears as well playing, what else, a Ninja-like Assassin. This film borrows too heavily from the Joel Schumacher school of campy direction and what we get is half Batman & Robin and half John Woo's Once A Thief. And wait until you get a load of the ludicrous ending! A missed opportunity at what could have been a cult fan hit. The opening animation sequence was inspired, too bad the rest of the film couldn't follow suit.

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