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Chris Watts: Confessions of a Killer


Crime / Drama

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Ashley Williams Photo
Ashley Williams as Shanann Watts
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Brooke Smith as Tammy Lee
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Sean Kleier as Chris Watts
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April Telek as Amber
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan6 / 10

Chris Watts: A coward of a man, an adulterer as a husband, and a callous murderous devil as a father

This Lifetime film serves one purpose only and that is to illustrate how one man who was a husband, a father and an adulterer committed four (4) heinous murders. If the actual four (4) murders was not enough Chris Watts disposed of his entire families bodies as if they were garbage by burying them where he believed they never would be found. But like most adulterers and criminals, their cumulative lies to the people and family that surround them, the truth is rather easy to put the puzzle together for any good detectives.

I understand why most people would not consider this Lifetime film to be "entertaining" as any father who would commit such heinous acts should automatically be put to death, no "Ifs", "Ands", or "Buts". This film rather satisfies the urge to understand how "any man" could murder his entire family and curiosity how he did it and in his mind the one question that needs to be answered is "WHY?"

I will let the medical professionals and forensic criminal investigators provide us with that answer another day, but for now, I was satisfied to know the families bodies (what was left of them) were recovered a few days after their reported disappearance. Chris watts admitted to burying his pregnant wife and daughters at the place of his employment at Anadarko Petroleum, on August 16. He was fired on August 15, the day of his arrest. The girls' bodies were found hidden in oil tanks. Shanann and the unborn Nico were buried in a shallow grave nearby.

As this is only a ninety (90) minute movie we really should not expect to glean too much factual information into the head of the murderer Chris Watts, but I would have preferred if the producers would have depicted this devil of a man as being soulless without a conscience, and instead the film almost normalizes these murders as just another entertaining made for TV film.

I give it an IMDB rating of 6 out of 10 as it did answer some basic questions that were lingering about the Watts family murders.

Reviewed by nankat-797228 / 10

Pretty accurate account of the events as told by media

I rather liked the movie tried to get the facts and re-enactments close to what happened I think but of course it's so sad about what happened to this beautiful family may they rest in peace

Reviewed by phd_travel7 / 10

Straightforward depiction

If you followed the headlines about this terrible tragedy you will recognise a lot of the story incorporated into this Lifetime movie. The happy social media of the young mother is contrasted with an affair the hubby had going on.

The actor looks like the murderer and the actress Ashley Williams with her big smile from Hallmark movies looks like the unfortunate woman.

The killing which is even more heinous than the Scott Peterson is recreated not too gruesomely but frustratingly there's no much insight into how he could kill his daughters even if he was in love with another woman.

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