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Christmas Wonderland


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Emily Osment Photo
Emily Osment as Heidi Nelson
Kelly Hu Photo
Kelly Hu as Julia
Melanie Stone Photo
Melanie Stone as Erica Sampson
Jake Stormoen Photo
Jake Stormoen as Matt Sampson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adamjohns-425755 / 10

Easy going.

It's a cute story and Ryan Rottman is nice to look at, but it's not a wow! I don't believe the kids would get along so well for a start and I'm pretty sure there's no way the boss would give that time off, but I suppose a lot of these films are a stretch of the imagination and an idea of a better life, something to aspire to.

Also, as I've said before with these films, if you're going to make it about an artist who is suddenly recognised, at least try and get a good artist! The work in this would never adorn my walls!

It's worth a watch if you've got a Jigsaw Puzzle to do at the same time, but the story has been done many times before.

Reviewed by novagirl116 / 10

not memorable but cute

I can't say it wasn't predictable, but a very cute story. Not going to be very memorable or stand out in a crowd of made-for-tv holiday movies, but also not the worst I've ever seen. I really loved the mural she painted!

Reviewed by rossmcfarlen7 / 10

The Ghost of Romance Past

The embers of a teenage love affair are rekindled in this lighthearted engaging drama in the Christmas romance genre, which is nicely sewed with a thread of humour and light banter throughout.

The two leads work very well together, in character, and both have a relaxed acting style that brings a strong note of authenticity to the proceedings.

Beneath the seasonal fluff & glitter is a poignant streak about why this couple separated in the first place - Heidi moved to New York to pursue a professional career as an artist (but ends up as a gallery assistant) and Chris remained in hometown to pursue a career in teaching at the high school, he attended with Heidi, with extracurricular activities as ice hockey coach...and now has last-minute duty to organize the annual high school Christmas Ball, just as Heidi returns to town on brief visit.

Though they pursued different paths, both have not found new partners in the romance department.

However, after many years of estrangement, Cupid now intervenes and conspires to bring the two lovebirds back to a place of reconnection & self-reflection, with the old doubts and aspirations casting shadows on their reignited romance.

This movie is well above average for the genre and I could watch again without complaints.

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