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Cinco De Mayo


Comedy / Drama / Horror

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Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder7 / 10

A highly enjoyable if only mildly flawed effort

Tired of his failed efforts, a teacher becomes frustrated that his class refuses to accept his teachings about the importance of their own Mexican culture in their lives but can't do anything until a psychiatrist inadvertently unleashes a homicidal spree across the community turning him into an Aztec-fueled warrior.

This was a rather fun and enjoyable indie slasher. Among the better elements here is the fine way this sets up the solid motivation for the killer to go on his rampages. The setup here involving his unbridled passion and respect for reaching others who aren't receptive to his teachings as they're just out for the stereotypical party they assume Mexican culture to be is a fantastic starting point here. When added together with the racist treatment the others engage in around him, from firing him unnecessarily to calling him an immigrant and worse, there's a wholly worthwhile and engaging starting point for this one. That setup allows the film to become a solid slasher. The initial setups here offering the first shots of his snapped sanity by taking out those around the town who engaged in racial treatment towards him are fun shock ambushes while the low-budget gore effects provide a fun sense of cheesy charm. It becomes quite fun in the finale where the rampage has sparked action from the remaining townsmen that bring about some rather fun encounters all bringing about a racial tinge that adds a lot to this one which all combine to give this one plenty to enjoy. There are some issues to be had here. One of the few issues here that bring it down is the rather overbearing setup that tries to make a stance on the cultural appropriation of Hispanic culture but becomes quite over the top as it goes along. Serving as a means of instigating his rampage well with how the mistreatment and racial prejudice keep him going, it all goes on way too stereotypical to be realistic or effective as it borders on aggravating parody to work which might upset those due to that issue. As well, there are times when this one's low budget comes into play with the gore and general appearance, but not enough to lower it that much.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

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