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Circle Line

2023 [CHINESE]

Action / Horror

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Uploaded by: FREEMAN


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by owenenochwong3 / 10


Although it's better than most modern jack neo films, it feels like a 1 hour 19 minute short film. Unpolished, undescisive, and plain boring. A lot of people would be less critical when it comes to the vfx which I don't think they should be. Remember, most horror movies have low budgets! If you insist on making a horror movie about monsters, maybe go for a practical approach OR dont reveal so much of the monster and let it be a mystery! Horror movies now adays give away too much anyways. And not to mention the sound design which is way too excessive and meaningless, the beginning didnt need to have a touching and sweet song to create a connection to the characters we dont even know!

Reviewed by estiocoivyleah1 / 10

This is the worst thing Iveever watched in Netflix

The acting is so bad, especially the mother, the actors like the supervisor is a much better actor than her. Who the hell open the door of an old rusty car when you are trying to get out of sight of a monster? Come on people, the story line has so much potential but whoever the director is, freaking ruined it.

Contrary, the junior college lady is a really good character. She is pretty as well, comparable to the mother who doesn't know how to act scared or frustrated. And come on people, on such situation, she is freaking day dreaming. A lot of times, she froze on her spot like who the hell does that? It is an emergency and you got a kid to take care of, but you chose to look at the carnage. And she also told the junior college lady that she was a nurse, and that is an emergency, she surely doesn't fit in. Arggghhh I hate this movie so much!

Reviewed by / 10

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