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Clash of the Wolves


Adventure / Family / Romance / Western

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Charles Farrell as Dave Weston
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Reviewed by JohnHowardReid8 / 10


CAST: Charles Farrell (Dave Weston),June Marlowe (May Barstowe),Heinie Conklin (Alkali Bill),William Walling (Barstowe),Pat Hartigan (Horton),"Rin Tin Tin" (Lobo),"Nanette" (Lobo's mate).

COMMENT: Excitingly directed by Noel M. Smith (of all people!),this is an action-packed western which not only shows off Rinty's amazing expertise but has an interesting story (concocted by Charles A. Logue) to boot.

Not only has Logue contrived some spectacular action sequences, but he has managed to work in a nice romance and even some canine humor as well.

All the players except Heinie Conklin (and even he comes good in a kissing scene) acquit them-selves most creditably.

The movie is superbly photographed by E.B. DuPar and Allen Thompson, mostly on actual locations. Sharp film editing by Clarence Kolster and attractive art titles by Victor Vance add to the picture's appeal. Electrical effects: F.N. Murphy. Art directors: Lewis Geib, Esdras Hartley.

Copyright 26 October 1925 by Warner Brothers. U.S. release: 28 November 1925. 74 minutes.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10


In the High Sierras, Lobo (Rin-tin-tin) rescues his family from a forest fire and escapes with them to the desert. Dave Weston is prospecting for borax. May Barstowe likes the lonely prospector but his wealthy ranch owner father does not. Wolves are attacking and the alarm is sounded. Lobo is injured by the ranchers and Dave takes in the wolf outlaw.

I didn't know much about Rin-tin-tin other than he was one of the first Hollywood dog stars. I didn't know that he was a real dog from WWI who later got work in Hollywood. I actually would like to follow the dog than the humans. The humans are fine, but I kept waiting for Rin-tin-tin on the screen. It's a little sad that he gets domesticated. I didn't get the beard premise until the bad guy recognizes him without it. It's silly and hilarious. It's just so dumb of an idea that it works as comedy. Rin-tin-tin projects smarts and is a real character on his own. I really wish to have more of him.

Reviewed by bobtoomey8 / 10

The original Rin Tin Tin at the height of his powers

A tremendous showcase for the greatest of canine performers. The movie only falls short in the idiotic slapstick by Heinie Conklin. A young Charles Farrell does a decent job as the human lead, and June Marlowe is excellent and very natural as his girl. But it's Rin Tin Tin who steals the show and the hearts of the audience as a half breed wolf dog who learns the ways of civilization.

I have to dispel a couple of misstatements by other reviewers here. According to Susan Orlean's outstanding biography of Rinty, he performed all of his own stunts in this movie, and he was not injured in any way during the production. It was all acting. His master, Lee Duncan, traveled with the dog and gave live presentations in which he had Rinty demonstrate all of the pain takes and other complex actions from the movie on stage, with Duncan standing ten feet away and controlling the dog through hand gestures. He did this to prove that the dog was never in any real pain on screen. Contemporary accounts describe Rinty's performances as uncanny.

In the first Academy Awards presentation, Rinty received the most votes of any actor for best performance, but the Academy decided it would demean the award if it was given to a mere dog, so they gave it to Emil Jannings instead. Bad mistake. There was nothing mere about Rin Tin Tin.

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