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Coffee Wars



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ta-982517 / 10

A unique taste that won me over in the end

Coffee Wars was an enjoyable watch. The theme centres around Jo who Is a strong advocate of Oat Milk.

For the first ten or fifteen minutes I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy the film as the colour palette , voice over, general cinematography and set design took a bit of getting used but as the film went on it was clear to see that the style really did suit the story being told.

Jo moved out of her parents place, who own a successfully diary producing farm in their own right, to open an independent vegan coffee shop. As she and her shop begin to struggle financially, Jo has to decide whether to enter the World Barista Championships that she's previously had issues with, not least because Oat Milk is banned in many aspects of the competition.

The film tests Jo's beliefs and principles as well as those of her friends and employed whilst also taking a look at some of the faults of high street chains and it did it all in the setting of a quirky independent coffee shop.

The support characters do a good job of bringing enough laughs and charm to the film although they can be over the top in certain places.

The visuals during the coffee making scenes are great. I especially enjoyed the underground coffee battle scene, my favourite scene of the movie.

Whilst it took a bit of getting used to, Coffee Wars won me over as an enjoyable comedy with a decent message. I hear all that all profits will be donated to charity, good on the team for that one.

Reviewed by jasonemartin-7592710 / 10

A movie with unique appeal

This film may not have the best acting, or the best plot. And I may not even be particularly interested in coffee. But regardless, this is the first film I've seen that weaves interesting and socially important vegan ideas into a non-documentary story format type of film, and presents these ideas in the context of a fun and optimistic, feel-good, and uplifting story rather than conveying its points in a depressing sort of way as so many other vegan films would typically do.

Therefore, this film is in a category of its own and has few (if any) competitors. On that basis, because there are so few other films of this type, I think I am justified in giving the film an excellent score because of its unique nature and characteristics few other films have.

Reviewed by rdhempton31 / 10

Skip it

Not worth the time it takes to watch it. Terrible performances by otherwise good actors means it's on the director.

Randall Miller's lackluster attempt at a satirical comedy that falls flat on every level. The film tries to explore the cutthroat competition between two coffee chains, but instead of delivering a sharp commentary on corporate greed and consumerism, it resorts to cheap gags, offensive stereotypes, and uninspired storytelling.

The characters are one-dimensional and unlikable, with the exception of the protagonist who is merely tolerable at best. The script is riddled with cliches, contrivances, and forced jokes that only elicit cringes and groans from the audience. The pacing is sluggish, and the direction is amateurish, lacking any creative flair or visual finesse.

The film's attempts at social commentary are misguided and shallow, reducing complex issues to simplistic caricatures and trivializing the struggles of marginalized communities. The portrayal of women, minorities, and LGBTQ+ characters is regressive and offensive, perpetuating harmful stereotypes and reinforcing the status quo.

Overall, "Coffee Wars" is a forgettable film that fails to entertain or enlighten. It's a shame that such a talented cast and crew were wasted on this subpar and misguided project. Save your time and money and skip this film.

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