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Conscious Contact: Full Disclosure



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Reviewed by deloudelouvain6 / 10

I'm believer but not of them.

First of all let me say I'm very open minded when it's about aliens, UFO's or other unexplainable phenomena. In my opinion you have to be an idiot to think we are alone in this universe so yes I'm a believer. But not a believer of this documentary though. I don't know where they got those people from but they don't look nor sound very credible. First of all Añjali, who seems to speak in front of an audience, that we never see by the way, but it almost looks like she's in front of a green screen as absolutely nobody from the passerbys in the background seemed to pay any attention to her or her being filmed in front of an audience, which seemed very strange to me. She's very nervous when she speaks, likes to pause to think about what nonsense she has to repeat. Talking about a confirmed tunnel in a mountain, that leads directly to the basecamp of aliens, at least she should show us that tunnel, but even that is too much to ask. That would make her credible and nothing else, certainly not that gibberish she's talking. Then you have Su Walker, by far the funniest of the bunch. Well that's actually her husband that sits next to her, a weird guy that looks like he's still on acid or some other recreational drug. Su Walker and her husband belong together, that's for sure, they found each other, two wierdos in a pod. I believed absolutely nothing coming from her mouth. Then you have Clifford Mahooty, the only one that looked a bit credible but then again all he says is from hearsay, from his ancestors, so he's in fact not credible at all as we all know how everything gets exaggerated when told from generation to generation. I enjoyed watching it though, it's more funny than anything else, with some good conversation starters, as the ideas they have are interesting. Too bad they chose weirdos to speak. I'm still waiting for overwhelming evidence, certainly in this era where almost every human being on the planet has a camera won them 24/7.

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