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Cool It, Carol!


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christopher-underwood10 / 10

An absolute gem!

An absolute gem! This is possibly Walker's finest film, although it is a bit unfair to compare it to his 'terror' pictures. England, particularly, London 1970 and things are changing and this little film captures something of the very essence. Janet Lynn is fantastic as the wide eyed innocent who is more than happy to shed her clothes and have some fun. 'I don't mind people looking at my body. I quite like it actually.' This she says as she changes her dress and gets rid of her bra, in a railway compartment. Robin Askwith is also very good as the young guy who pretends to have all the connections but in reality is nowhere near as resourceful as the delightful Lynn. There are sleazy sessions with elderly men in high positions ready to take her on for a fiver when the young couple find their finances dwindle. Plenty of location shooting, some marvellous cinematography, humour and flesh and an insightful glimpse of London's underbelly c1970.

Reviewed by BaronBl00d5 / 10

Apparently the Price Is Right - Come on Down!

Somewhat interesting cautionary tale(or tail if you prefer) about a young couple leaving the barrenness of their humdrum lives behind in a small English village and going to the big city - a really swinging London in the late 1960s. What they find is that work is hard to come by unless you are really willing to shed your inhibitions and your clothes. While the story probably resonates much of the real-life atmosphere of the culture of that time, the film bogs down really into one sexual scene after another - none of them particularly effective or redeeming in any way. And though the film is considered a black comedy - I think of it really more as a bleak one. I found so little humor in the film. Director Pete Walker - who would go on to do some pretty expressive and decent films of the horror/exploitation genres in the 70s - has obvious skill with the camera. The pace, sets, and dialog are all generally well-conceived for a film of this kind. The two primary acting leads are actually pretty good too as is most of the supporting cast. Watch for Stubby Kaye in a small role! But the end comes on so hard-handed and without warning as to be any bit believable though the film does try to have some moral to this constant parade of sexual encounters surrounding a youngish Carol and her openness to sleep with virtually anyone for a few bob.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca4 / 10

Effectively grubby

COOL IT CAROL! is a low budget sexploitation epic from British director Pete Walker, although even at this stage of his career he can't resist making the material as dark and uncomfortable as it can be. Made in 1970, it proves a fitting tribute of its era, complete with sleazy porn producers, dirty old men, and all manner of outlandish fashions and hairstyles.

The production values are typically excellent as this looks and feels like your usual above-average Walker production. Robin Askwith and Janet Lynn are a good fit as the out-of-their-depth young couple who move to London with hopes of hitting the big time, only to find themselves drawn into a world of sleaze. The grubby atmosphere is spot on and there's plenty of tasty nudity for male viewers to enjoy (particularly from the delectable Lynn),but it's all rather seedy and depressing.

In many ways this film is an offshoot of the old 'sensation' genre of the 1930s, about pretty young girls finding themselves exploited by perverted older men. There are indications at comedy with the presence of Askwith and some funny dialogue, but as mentioned, it's rather depressing overall with a storyline that never really goes anywhere. I much prefer Walker when he has a story to tell, as in his later film HOME BEFORE MIDNIGHT.

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