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Cranberry Christmas


Action / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by toddsgraham8 / 10

The best one thus far this 2020 season by Hallmark

This is the 5th Hallmark movie I have seen of the 2020 Christmas movie season. Hands down, the best movie thus far. Nikki Deloach was excellent; she has always performed great in Hallmark movies. Benjamin Ayres was pretty good too. And the supporting cast was great. The storyline/plot was a bit outside the norm for Hallmark, which I really liked here: the focus was on a troubled marriage as opposed to two people meeting and falling in love. I think this worked well; it touched on some important issues in this regard. I love Hallmark movies because of their Christmas spirit and festive atmosphere. You will not be disappointed: this movie provides all of this. Overall, well worth the watch, especially if you are a fan of Hallmark Christmas movies (as I am).

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird8 / 10

Love rekindled

Nobody should watch Hallmark films with massively high expectations, their Christmas output particularly. If a Hallmark fan or wanting to see as many Christmas films as possible, expectations would understandably be higher. They are very formulaic with most of them being more of the same narratively and structurally, apart from sporadic attempts at changes of pace. There are a fair share of them though that are surprisingly above average and even good amidst the many average and less ones.

The 2020 output from Hallmark did vary in quality but was not near as bad or wildly uneven as it could have been. None of the films from the batch were really terrible, and a small handful of them were actually very good. Along with 'Five Star Christmas', 'Cranberry Christmas' is one of the very good ones and benefits from trying to do something outside the norm and the presence of the reliable Niki Deloach in the female lead role. 'Cranberry Christmas' is a fine example of why Hallmark's Christmas output or even Hallmark in general should not be immediately scorned at.

It drags a little early on where the film takes a little time to get going.

Did think too that the grandmother could have been written and played with more subtlety as she did jar slightly with everything else.

'Cranberry Christmas' succeeds very well everywhere else though. It is visually pleasing and has a professional look. The appropriately festive locations especially. Enough of the soundtrack is nostalgic and pleasant enough. The direction is accomodating while not going through the motions. Nikki DeLoach and Benjamin Ayres don't overplay, any mannerisms not overdone, and neither do they hold back too much. Deloach especially is very good and the main reason to see the film. Their likeability shines through and their chemistry charms, personally actually thought it was there.

Moreover, the dialogue is tighter and less stilted than a lot of Hallmark Christmas films and the cheese and sentiment isn't as much. The story raises some important relevant issues in a tactful manner, making the film heartfelt at points, it also engaged me and was charming and heart-warming while not taking itself too seriously. Did appreciate too that there was more to usual. The characters may be well worn cliches, but they came over to me as likeable enough and any negative character traits didn't come over as over the top like can be the case in Hallmark Christmas films. Actually cared for these characters, not the case with a lot of recently seen Christmas films.

In conclusion, very well done and even very good. One of the best 2020 Hallmark Christmas films easily and one of the few highly recommended. 8/10.

Reviewed by cgvsluis6 / 10

Rekindling romance

The heart of this story is about a hardworking couple who were childhood sweethearts and have kind of let life get in the way of what really matters, each other. Together they own a cranberry bog/farm and a business called Cranberry Lane that specializes in all things Christmas. The two are brought together again to run the towns Christmas festival. The truth is these two really do love each other and have both been willing to make sacrifices for the other's happiness.

It was really nice to see a hallmark film about rekindling the romance in a marriage and talking about some of those difficult topics like career vs. family.

I for one enjoyed a more mature Hallmark offering.

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