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Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MikialUK3 / 10

Goofy disappointment.

I always look forward foreign horror flicks and when I saw this came on Netflix I thought this must be good since it was commercially successful in Indonesia. Sadly I was wrong. There was nothing remotely scary in this film and there's no background to the story, we're simply expected to watch and get scared. There are plenty of jump scares and boy are they loud. I'm not sure I understood anything other than ghosts running around. I suppose for Indonesian audiences this is a good horror attempt. But for us horror enthusiasts, this is a total waste of time. Thank me later.

Reviewed by Saanwithhisstupidthoughts5 / 10


Danur is a small horror movie with a small plot,decent acting and choreography with again decent bgm

That's it the plot felt cute to me?? Plenty of jumpscares and if I am being totally honest with you one scene did get me?

Other than that it has nothing new to offer It clocks in around 75mins

I did like the ending it was cute??

So yeah an average experience

This movie is a novel adaptation and is based on real life story and experience of the author RISA SARASWATI who could see ghosts since she was a child and had befriended 5 of them?

I guess it was pretty popular back there in Indonesia coz there is a whole DANUR UNIVERSE which has 2 Danur sequels And 2 spinoff ASIH and it's sequel following the antagonist of Danur 2017.

Reviewed by jasoncuff3 / 10

Really very bad

Hackneyed, clumsily put together and without a single original element. I spent most of the film boredly deciding whether the girls' mother was hot or not. Save yourself the bother and watch a bad '80s slasher - it's bound to be more bearable. Awful.

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